[A][EU][Ravencrest] Players looking for an M+ guild

me and my wife are a couple of chill adults looking for an alliance guild on Ravencrest (havoc demon hunter and a balance druid). We are around 195 ILV. Found heroic dungeons too easy, did our first mythic dungeon and are looking for more of that. Our day’s off work vary but we always have a sunday dedicated to playing. We are new to wow.

We are looking for a guild that will always give us some players to do low M+ dungeons with(or maybe higher in time) on sundays. Sometimes a normal/heroic raid would be cool also. We have 0 tolerance for toxicity and we sometimes die in a stupid way cause we’re noobs but are willing to learn.

Hi Weedbroski,

We’re playing on a different realm (Eonar-EU) unfortunately, but if you’re interested in transferring then it sounds like we might be a good match.

I would be happy to look into the options with you.

Feel free to contact me via battletag Thorck#2781.

More info about our guild can be found here: [A][Eonar] <BEAST> [1/10 SoD(h) | 7/10 SoD(n)] challenges you! Do you have what it takes to..... make fun? :D Join us and experience a fun time with great people!