Affliction Warlock 209 iLvl

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a 2/3 night raiding guild for Hc raiding, server doesn’t matter to me too much but id like to stay Horde.

My experience is extensive in PVE over multiple classes and roles;

Mythic Raiding since legion as Blood/Unholy, Venge/Havoc, Prot Warrior, Affliction Warlock, Shadow Priest and MM/BM Hunter.

I’m looking for a place to raid on a casual schedule in a fun and organised fashion. I’m not bothered if its just Hc or mythic progression, not bothered what days the raid are or what server your on. I’m active, dedicated and care more about min-maxing my character than sorting my own life out.

If you think your guild is a good place for me to land give me a discord link for a chat.

Riggur#8499 Disco
Ruggor#21414 Bnet

Hello there,

I have added you on Bnet if you’d like a chat but you seem like you’d be a good fit for our guild, we are horde on Moonglade, we raid 3 times a week in heroic and aim for mythic next tier if numbers improve, accept my bnet invite if you have any interest :smiley:

Hello, maybe this is what are you looking for…

Hi Riggur, (sent this message via discord as well but your privacy setting did not allow) I’m a tank and officer for Continental Breakfast - Stormscale EU. We are a small group and guild mostly from the UK, looking to recruit a couple more members to fill our heroic roster and push M+

We raid Wed/Fri night 8-12 server time, 7-11 UK Time. We are looking mostly for 1 or 2 more healers, a warlock and a boomkin.

We are laidback and understand not everybody can commit to 100% attendance, but we are also semi serious and want to achieve and push content. Looking to be getting heroic on farm, and push +15 keys etc.

If this sounds of interest to you give me a shout :smile:

Hey, we are Alliance so wouldnt fit you but I just wanted to say all the best in your search and I hope you find the home you are looking for! :slight_smile:

Hello! Fifth Sin is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on EU-Draenor. We look for similar minded raiders that value a good guild environment as well as progression in raids.

Our current progress can be found here:

In order to apply you must be 18 years or older and able to attend our raid schedule; Wednesday and Monday from 20:15 until 23:15 server time. (with the option of using one extra raid night if needed as a main raid (only rarely) on either Thursday, Sunday or Tuesday (Fridays and Saturdays are always considered off-days). We also do a regular offday-run, usually on Sundays for non-mythic content we don’t have time for in our main raids.

We’re an English speaking guild, and expect you to be able to understand and express yourself in fluent English.

Exceptional applications are always considered, even if we are not actively recruiting for that particular class or spec.

If you are interested in applying, have a look at our recruitment post: This should tell you what we generally look for in a player, what you can expect of the guild and how we do things as well as how to apply.

You can also contact me directly via Bnet: FreddieK#2983 or Discord: FreddieK#3608 if you have any questions or if you just prefer talking to someone before applying.

Hope you will take the time to consider us and if you like what you see to hear from you soon!

Hello. I dont know if we’re the place for you, but here’s our post.

Give me a shout if you are interested.