[A/H] LF 1/2-day Raiding Guild for 9.1

Hey all,

I’m thinking of returning for raiding in 9.1 and was looking for a new mythic raiding guild that raids Sunday/Monday or Tuesdays 8+PM Server time start preferred.

I’ve got some previous mythic raiding experience (can speak to you about that) but have been getting issues finding the right guild with my friends. Now that they’ve quit, I have a bit more freedom on what I can achieve - which is progressing Mythic and potentially getting Cutting Edge.

I currently main Havoc DH but can fit any role/class required (give me a few weeks to catch up ofc)

Warrior/Mage/DH are 60s but willing to level something new if this helps the guild.
Have experience DPS and Healing mythic but haven’t tanked in a raiding environment.

Please reply here or add Gaztik#21410 and I’ll get back to you asap!


hey mate

in case you are willing to server transfer, we are actively looking for a havoc DH!

lets have a chat on discord! you can find my contact info in the post above



[H] Crustacean nation is a newly formed guild made of mythic raiders with the goal of reaching CE in 9.1. We are recruiting dedicated DPS and healers who want to give their best performance Monday and Wednesday 20:00-23:00 ST

We have an exceptional core and want to start with Heroic and clear our way to 10/10 mythic. Feel free to DM me on discord @ KooDoo#3050.

Hey man!

Give this a read. You’ll find me bnet in their if you have some question. Looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

still looking for a guild, sun/mon/tues due to work schedule