Alliance-centric RP guild for DKs?

Are there any Alliance-centered RP guilds open to recruiting faction-loyal DKs? I’m aware of some Ebon Blade guilds but am curious about others, for example for DKs that aren’t too fond of the Ebon Blade any longer and would rather focus on the Alliance.

Thanks for reading and any responses.

Hey! There’s several alliance guilds in the PCU that accept DK’s and are alliance centric, here’s a link to the guild list for you to peruse: The [PCU] 😈 Now recruiting! Updated OP + server.

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The Dark Grail is one that comes to mind (not 100% sure on faction-loyal though; you’d have to ask them about that). I believe Mordredus is the GM.

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Seeing as you are a Night Elf, might I suggest the Dirge of Teldrassil for Night Elf-centric RP?
(PM Vashava or Karinar for info!)

Otherwise there is the Ebon Onslaught for the true, neutral, Death Knight experience!
(PM Niallya or any other Alliance member for info!)

Ofcourse there is also Valormourne, who is currently trying to make a return to the RP-scene from what I heard!

Hope you find one of these guilds to your liking!

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Thank you for all the suggestions! After some research, Valormourne sounds really appealing. Since you say ‘trying to make a return’, I figure they aren’t yet active or recruiting?


I assume that since they are trying to return their recruitment is open again!

I do not have the faintest idea who you should PM for that, though!


What is this HERESY? Any death-knight that does not swear undying loyalty to the Ebon Blade is a traitor and a rogue death-knight, (but being bound to alliance based guilds is OK.)

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yo, i tried answering your whisper yesterday but couldn’t. anyway valormourne isn’t active at the moment


by the way cool mog Lryen

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Got it, that’s a shame.


I know it might be a joke but this is a stance that is pretty prevalent in the RP community. I’ve never seen an official source on Ex-Ebons being branded “rogue death knights” (even if they don’t bind themselves to one of the two factions).


This guild recruits Alliance Death Knights.

I’ve no belief an ‘Alliance’ Death Knight is ‘rogue’ and thus to be hunted down, and that in general is headcanon / fanfiction of Ebon Guilds or Ebon powerplayers. – It’s a given a ‘random’ (non affiliated to Ebon or Alliance) undead walking in Alliance lands though is pratically kill on sight (at official level at least).

We’ve a webpage with ulterior guild details if that is of interest.

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