Alliance players, no you're not crazy!

(Archimitros) #1

I always thought… okay maybe I’m just out of my mind for a second but no…

I was right whenever I thought “I’m preeetty sure I clicked the darkshore one… so WHY the f*** am I in Arathi again?”

Now you know. You’re not crazy.

(Bairen) #2

That’s one hell of an overlap…

(Punyelf) #3

I do that all the time in Zuldazar as well :laughing:

(Bairen) #4

At least it’s not often/not for long that both portals are up simultaneously

(Archimitros) #5

Yeah and it depends on your camera angle, too.

Tilting the camera to the left from the gifs perspective makes it even worse, while to the right makes it better.

What do I need to do in order to be able to post direct links here on the forums? Or is that an MVP only feature?

I kinda know about forum levels but not how they work exactly or where I can look this up… :confused:

(Punyelf) #6

It’s a trust level, I am trust level 3 which all posters can get to. At level 2 we can link from some trusted sites and at 3 even more are included.

There is a FAQ here explains the levels - The Ultimate Forum Guide (Codes, Trust Levels, FAQ)

Edit to add - you can check your trust level here


Yeah this happens all the time Horde side too when both portals are up. At first I thought it was just careless clicking on my part!

(Archimitros) #8

Oh boy… reaching trust level 3 seems a bit crazy. Thanks for the info!

(Solithrien) #9

You can also do this if you don’t wanna go to a third party site:

Go into your profile page, remove anything after your name-realm and then add “.json” to the end of your name-realm like this:

It’ll bring you to a page that looks like a bunch of gibberish. Do a ctrl+f or do a find and search that page for “trust_level” and the one with the highest number is your current trust level.

Props to Alacialuun on the US forums.

(Archimitros) #10

Yeah I already figured that I’m level 2, thanks also though.

My primary interest lied in knowing the exact requirements in order to gain these trust levels :slight_smile:

(Punyelf) #11

It’s not as bad as it first appears


It is easy enough… I did it twice and lost it twice from moving my characters server :slight_smile:

It wipes out everything.

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