Alliance, what allied race would you replace mechagnomes with?

I was going to ask if you were being sarcastic or not but now im sure you are :joy: :joy:

They always are if they go out of their way to misspell my character name

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I would leave only draenei race and replace all other Alliance races with draenei recolours.
I try to level VE rogue, think all the time how good it would be if she was draenei/LF draenei instead.

Broken Draenei would have access to Rogue class for sure :slight_smile:

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Could be, but it also depends on how good they will look. I saw somewhere here 1 fan work on them, I would stay with VE if broken draenei will look like they are there in the arts.

The WoD arakkoa obviously.

everything else in this thread has just been made irrelevant

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Arakkoa are an interesting and unique race and I would love to have them as an allied race altough they would probably be neutral so they can choose from both factions

That’s true for the vast majority of AR.

Furbolgs of course.


Broken, Quel’dorei and Furbolgs.


Void Elf Paladins.

No hate to the mechagnomes, I just really want to be a void elf paladin.

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And people found VE DK confusing…

It’s like regular paladins, but with Shadows and purple.

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Lightbound Orc~ Zug Zug Alliance


I like them, but I think the males could use some more hairstyles.
Why do male gnomes have to look like poo hairstylewize.
One of the styles looks like that crazy alien-guy from discovery channel.
Anf thats the best one

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Some variation of vrykul would be cool but it doesn’t seem right to give alliance only horses and then only humans as allied races.

I like mechagnomes though and I’m leveling mine right now.