(A)Looking for a new home (Nagrand)

Hello All,

Looking for a guild who is willing to pick up a returning player.

I played pretty hard during BC and WOTLK. when our old guild quit i stopped playing as well.

Now i came back to check out the game and want to play a bit more.

Im looking for a casual guild who raids occasionally. used to be Resto druid so probably want to pick that up again. also have a lvl 40 mage and a lvl 35 warlock on this server. will need some time to get my chars. up to speed and get some decent gear.

If you think you can give a spot feel free to reply.

Cheers Guys

Hey Trobwal,

I do play on a different server than yours, but we would have a spot for you in our raids if you like to try them with a bunch of people where you can be yourself and learn the new things at your own pace.

You can found more about BEAST on Eonar at: [A][Eonar][10/10 N] <BEAST> welcomes (in)experienced players looking for company

But feel free to drop me or any other BEAST member a chat in the game. My contact info is on our recruitment thread.

Wel according to your recruitement thread this bunch might just be the guild im looking for. Will hop over to Eonar later tonight when im able to play.

You are aware i need to lvl my chars first before i can attend raiding and i need some time to get my mojo back.

Anyways will look you up later tonight and if you guys still want me will defo join.

Cheers m8.

Hey Trobwal, we didn’t get in touch yet in the game. If you like so you can add me to your friendlist with Thorck#2781

And ofcourse it is no problem if you need to level first, we may be able to join with some alts for more leveling fun in fact :slight_smile: