An appeal to Blizzard

Dear Blizzard

Please provide us with sufficient information pertaining to the release or opening of the WoTLK pre-patch and Fresh Realms. Peoples time is not something to throw around like it is nothing, even though that is what Blizzard does most of the time.

There are so many people waiting for some, ANY announcement on Fresh Realms in particular and/or what will be done about the human racials and several other things.
We deserve to be given more information than you as a company are currently providing to your paying customers. It is frankly a disgrace that you are willing to behave this way towards us. It is shameful.

However most people will allow it to be water under the bridge if Blizzard are capable of bringing legitimate and good information on the table, so that we as people with jobs and lives can plan our time properly to be able to enjoy the game in the way we want.

It is late, Blizzard. You have made so many mistakes already. You have lost so many subscribers already due to your blatant incompetence and arrogance towards us as a playerbase. Do I really need to mention the Firemaw fiasco?

  1. When do we get the WoTLK Pre-patch & Fresh realms? We need to know as early as possible to let our jobs know to give us that time off. This is disrespectful of you to deny us.
  2. What will happen to the Human Racial? Will it be changed? Will it not? I suspect that if nothing happens to it, we will see fresh realms be almost entirely one-sided in favour of Alliance.
  3. Will you be allowing faction transfers? There are enough reasons to allow this as people are posting about here on the forums, but if you intend to milk the boosting for all it is worth rather than to give us the faction transfers we deserve to know immediately.
  4. When will you apologize for the incompetency of allowing the Firemaw Fiasco to happen? If never, at least provide on the other 3 points.

Please Blizzard, it is time. It is time for the playerbase to be provided sufficient answers and information. You owe us, bigtime.


Fresh serv English only or per language ? Because i stopped to play since they announced Fresh serv but if i’m forced to play on a fresh serv English only then not for me, i’ll stay on a already released serv with my own language.

And if you want a Human Racial nerf, then go nerf the Orcs/Trolls racials that are the best for PvE.

Only dwarf should be nerfed. Human trinket is fine.

Also, trolls need giga buffs for pvp.

Because you play Rogue ???

And giga nerf for PvE

Rogue player asking for dwarf nerf. :smiley:

When the community is already so small a person asking for non-english server on fresh. -.-

If human tirnkets gets nerfed, insane reaction pro players who use shadowmeld would be literally unstoppable. On a gladiator level player, night elf is an auto better human since it can mitigate huge damages such as chaos bolt next to cc’s. so humans are fine, they should buff horde racials if they want balance.

And yes blizzard is too arrogant to read or respond to us low life cows who is ready to get milked whatever they do.

The community is not small, and will be bigger when Wotlk pre patch will be On.
And yes i’m asking for not forced english fresh serv, and you can’t force anyone.
It’s simple, if i can’t get a fresh serv in my language, i just stay on my already serv and don’t play on fresh serv.

I mean…I am addicted to playing WoW, but taking vacations from work to play a game, have done it only once, for classic release in 2019 :slight_smile:

Tough I agree its extremly annoying we DIDNT GET any precise dates after the actual release of WOTLK was announced.

Why would they nerf human racial? Not like they nerfed Orcs or UD’s in Classic or TBCC.

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Wise words from an WoW player, especially a fresh roller from scratch.

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  1. They need to consolidate realms on 10th of August first. Any characters who are not transfered by players either by provided FCT or using PCT will be unavailable to play for 2 weeks.

I am sure that fresh realm will use hardware of old consolidate realm(s), because why would Blizzard invest more money into it? Also Blizzard wouldn’t want to alianate returning players by locking them out of the game for 2 weeks, when everybody will be having fun in prepatch.

So my guess it goes as following:

  • August 10th realm consolidation.
  • August 24th (+2 weeks) consolidated characters unlock on new realms
  • August 24th Wrath of the Lich King prepatch
  • August 24th Fresh realm launch
  • 27th of September announced Wrath of the Lich King Classic launch

Why there should be anything done to human racials? Nothing new was done to Will of the Forsaken in Classic and TBC making 32% of the arena ladder consisting of them and about 30% of Orcs. You also got your disbalanced BG representation queues solved by introducing HvH. Now you want human racial nerfs?
By the way Horde got better PvE racials in Wrath with Trolls having micro 20% blood Lust without any downsides of health level requirements and Orcs got like extra trinket-like racial having healing recived debuff removed. This make Faction balance complete to opposite of what it was in Vanilla with most of PvPers joining Alliance and PvPers the Horde this time.

Fresh will be full of retail bypassers, who will play it only for 3 months before Dragon Flight Simulator™ release in detsember. However if Firemaw and Gehennas would be locked at that point and Fresh realm players finally deside that it is dying and to transfer off to Golemagg the abundance of Alliance PvPers from fresh will make Golemagg the new best balanced PvP Wrath megarealm. But we all know that is not going to happen as no one needs wPvP anymore.

Probably no faction changes untill Ulduar. Factions need to stabilise first with all returning, new players coming and Dragon Flight Stimulator™ bypassers leaving WotLKC in 3 months. After all lvl 68 boosts and premium editions would be sold to as many as possible they bring faction change. This will be especially significant, since humans will get stronger trinkets starting from t8, surpassing Orcs and Forsaken at that moment in PvP.

You are naive to think that Firemaw wasn’t inside job. Blizzard needed to remove players from Firemaw, because hardware solution was either costly or impossible, like they stated.

And the only way to do it without breaking Megarealm into two smaller realms was to sabotage Horde FOMO players into leaving to Gehennas.

Blizzard, however would be absolute right if they claim it was player desidions, because it was the Horde who willingly destroyed Firemaw 60:40-ish faction balance, having the opportunity that wasn’t ever announced.

I hope not, since we had the entirety of classic and TBC with the OP horde racials lmao.

Human racials are fine - Get over it - You have had two expansions of Horde having the best racials for a long time. Stop crying now that Alliance have the BIS racial ability (and only for pvp aswell)

Nobody from Blizzard will read this thread, not even a community manager, much less anyone who could even relay it to devs.
Also Horde seething about Human racial after 3 years of WotF and Hardiness is a sweet nectar for my soul, even if I don’t PvP at all. Get rekt, corpses and green apes.

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Let me say one thing quite clearly; I personally do not mind the human racial. But one would be silly to think it wont cause a massive influx of players on Alliance side, especially for anyone serious about PvP/Arenas. For anyone else it does not really matter however.

Personally I would still stick with playing Horde, but I AM worried that the fresh realms will have Horde as very small minorities.

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