An Engineering Update on the Dragonflight Launch

Although I don’t understand alot about this stuff I enjoyed reading it. Shows how complex all this work is

As a gamer, AND programmer I can easily understand that one misplaced code line can be hard to debug especially on a huge codebase (And wow codebase might be a juggernaut).

So, Congratulations for being able to fix it so fast.

Love that kind of post and hope you will share some more from time to time !

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Just wanna leave a feedback that I am supper happy that you are more open about sharing information like that. Many people won’t read it or understand it, but it matters a lot that you try to be more transparent about things like problems that happened especialy. I hope it is not a one time thing and this information sharing will keep on going. Dragonflight communication is so far so much better than anything I have seen from you before. Glad I came back to see all of this change unfold.

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Thank you for this update. Being in It myself makes this a really interesting read. Being a WoW player makes this feel so much better than ‘it broke, sorry’

does anyone know when the game will be working again ive been waiting for nearly 24 hours now and its still not working and its kinda peeing me off now!!!

I would love to see more posts like these from Blizzard’s engineering team. Although I am not a game dev, I work in software and we often face similar problems in different settings. Thank you for sharing your insight and knowledge!

That was spectacular to read. Thank you so much for the interesting insights!

this is EU forum, you are copy pasting made up mumbo jumbo on eu forum based on usa server…fail

apologize, give us all free2days gametime

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Amazing stuff, love the tech explanations, please do more they’re super interesting

Kinda thrilling read, love seeing how things slowly got untangled! Also explains why my SO couldnt see portals even though I was confidently telling him they are DEFINITELY there and blamed him for not looking hard enough, lol. Thanks for this!

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