And justice for Thrall

Are there any news on this? Its also my last step for pathfinder and i would love to finish it, just tried again and still not working :frowning:

Nope no news, this has been bugged since early December when 8.1 came and nothing.
And specially nothing will be done now over the holidays, they are not even answering players tickets anymore

Draenor Pathfinder is dead

Not sure if there was an update with a fix, or I just got lucky, but I just finished this scenario without any problem (it was not working for me either when I tried it first about a week ago)

How it went: after the gates were blown open I ran in and one hit killed Garosh while he still sat in his chair. After the stun Thrall appeared normally.
Best of luck to all of you.

Just tried now again as you mentioned it worked for you but nope, nothing, after the stun Garrosh just fights me and I can’t even target him

I tried a few more times (resetting the fight with vanish when I see Thrall is not coming) and nothing, after the stun Garrosh just attacks me infinitely while I can’t even target him.

Dam Blizzard, it’s been 3 weeks!

After dozens of attempts at different things IT WORKED
After I run a game client repair from the client!

That did it for me.


Just tried it multiple times and it’s absolutely not functioning for me.

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Retried the quest about a dozen times since my last post. Did a client repair, re-did UI reset and addon disabling again, abandoning-and-retaking the Quest, but nothing is changed. Garrosh is still stuck in his untargettable mode just attacking, while Thrall is nowhere to be seen.

All the taunts Garrosh is doing are going the burned into my memory permanently. Never thought that “I cannot be defeated” would mean “I will stop taking damage and just yell at you until my script is reset”.

Tried, did work for me.

Just tried the scan and repair option and it completed without fault

After trying a second client repair, it worked. Seems it’s just complete random, at this point.

After doing a Scan & Repair, I reattempted the quest and it worked for me as well.

Still broken for me. Trying my second scan and repair now.

Same here, still stuck in the last phase, its so annoying.

So here are steps that worked for me:

  • I did the scenario with disabled addons and Garrosh still get stuck
  • teleported to garrison and closed wow ( I did NOT abandon the quest)
  • scan and repair
  • returned to the gate and started scenario from beginning
    From the first step I saw that friendly NPCs and Durotan are more active than before. In final step I just let Garrosh talk all his lines and then slowly started to melee him, he stunned me and Thrall came, blabla, cinematic, complete.

Sorry for my english and I hope this helps


I’m going to try this now.


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Thank you so much, I did exactly how you suggested and it just worked for me!

Now that was a real quest, blizz…


Hope u will live more then 100 years :slight_smile:
Thanks, it’s realy works

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It worked for me, I thank you a 1000times. I actually had to recover my account to place a reply. But this was worth it. Thank you, you awesome person.

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worked for me too, thank you

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