[A]Newbi Boomi looking for a new home

Heeeeeeeeeeya Guys♥

Heya all, Im Leoni…Im a 18 year old girl from Germany :sweat_smile:.

In this post im looking for a Guild! Yeah sounds crazy i know ^^". If i dident scared you away and your still interestet you will now find out what makes me…ME

Privat Me
Tbh the only really special about me is that im not able to talk, the cause of this? Degeneret gens who thougth lets not develop your vocal cords rigth LOL. So yeah i cant speak whitch not means im unable to listen >.> (dont ask this please). Im quiet chat active so dont wonder when your guild chat is suddently more active.

Otherwise im not doing much thanks to the Pandemic, im just siting in my room cuddle my cat or my two dogs and sit with my Char(s) around and doing (somtimes) stuff.

So…I startet with wow around 3 months ago on the german realm Antonidas. Sadly the german wow communety treats my disabilety like a death sentence so its really hard for me to find any guild there that dosent kick me out after like 3-4 days. I meet some nice peeps there but its like a hand full who helped me and just had fun times with. So atm im Playing a Boomi(?),im sitting on a GS of around 214 (with totaly wrong trinkets) but im not scared of learning new classes. So what every you really need i try my best playing it :3. I have done the current raid 2 times and im running alot of M+ atm (my rio is aroun 1.3k) so i have seen the raid but i dont understand all the bosses and will do mistakes there still sadly :confused: but im willing to learn and will always give 120% :smiley:.

SO if you come this far and dident got disgustet or scared away thanks to my super good english…i woud love to come in conntact with ya… just add me on Bnet:Pridê#21299 or under Discord:Choke Me#4451

Hi Korila

Check out this post. We’d love to have you over to our guild.

I have sent a request on Discord :slight_smile:

Hi Korila,

I like how you introduced yourself here.
Maybe my guild (different realm, same faction) would suit you.
Give me a whisper on btag chat if you like: Thorck#2781

Here’s more info: [A][Eonar][6/10 CN(h)] <BEAST> Join us in 9.1 for Sanctum of Domination. No raiding experience? No problem :-)