Any goods alliance or neutral criminal rp guild?

I am currently looking to get back into rp in those harsh times of content draught. Are they any good criminal rp guilds you would recommend ? I say neutral aswell because from what I understood in my research criminal rp seems more present on horde, my char doesn’t really care about factions so neutral wouldn’t be an issue in that regard.

Might want to check out the Fair Trade Company who are based in Stormwind and are very active, doing all sorts of devious stuff. I believe they also partake in neutral events too so might be the best of both worlds. I’m sure Ven will be able to give you some more details!


Hello, yes we are active and even if not fully criminal guild, as we choose the way of having a good public cover, we can offer many options for rp. If you like, contact me on the discord mentioned in our guild post :slight_smile:

At the moment, we have many running plots to offer, but check our rp style as well to see if you like that natural, realistic and immersive way.

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