Any guilds looking for a tank/healer?


I am looking for a raiding guild for SL. I am likely going to be playing VDH / BrM / RShaman, and would be happy raiding as either tank or healer.

I don’t normally mythic raid and tend to just push m+ (this is not my main right now…) but I have gotten AOTC early on in most tiers I have played properly. I’d like to push into mythic raiding this time around. I believe I have the skills for cutting edge I have just never had the time (until now) to commit to a raiding schedule because of university. I have a consistent schedule now because I am in full-time employment.

Looking to raid no more than twice a week.

Happy to transfer to any fairly populated server.

Would prefer a guild that raids and pushes keys, as I will be looking to push high in SL. I have the beta and done all dungeons on +15 or higher already.

Please leave your info below if you have any of the aforementioned role slots available.

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Hello Rosrosros,

I represent Snort my Ashes, a social raiding guild which is located on Draenor (high pop server). We are in need of both tanks and healers, but healers are preferred. We intend to do AOTC and mythic progress and no doubt our members would like to do m+ content. If you need more info, please add me on bnet (NoblePie#2130). Have a pleasant day!

Hi dude, pandemic is a newly formed guild on argent dawn alliance. We are recently formed and are starting with hc Nathria, with the goal to then push into mythic then on to being CE each tier.
In particular looking for a resto shaman
We raid Tue/Thu 21:00-00:00 ST and have an alt run on a Wednesday.
Give me a shout on discord if you want to talk more


We’re a welcoming guild and Our goal to get cutting edge at our own pace, but in a relaxed way with enough organisation thrown in to get it done with the minimum of stress. That said, relaxed or not it’s still a raid - you’ll be expected to pull your weight.

It is all about having a very friendly atmosphere and have fun during raid and outside of the raid.

we are looking for people to fill our team for shadowland!!!

Hey rosrosros haha I like the name, its really good to hear you are interested in playing both bm monk and Rshammy, since you could definitely use both specs in our roster. You also sound like a dedicated/motivated chill dude, so I will post my copy pasted if you are interested, add me on disc and we can have a chat! Hope to hear from you!

[EU][Horde][Tarren Mill] ”Distinct” Recruiting for PVE.
Distinct is a newly created pve focused guild, created by wow veterans and streamers. With the goal to establish a well known name within the twitch community, and social media. We aim to clear all PVE content at a high level within a social, structured, mature, chill, self critical and well performing environment. While hopefully creating and mainting new online friends. We will start with a two day raiding schedule (days unknown yet).

Needles to say we are looking for skilled but mostly active and dedicated players, simply said: Gamers. The rare kind of gamers tho, the kind that have the social skills to behave and communicate appropriately. We know this is quite an ambitious goal we have set. But with the right environment: dedicated, social, fun and well performing we can reach our goals with ease. Quality over Quantity anytime. If you are interested please contact: Alekker#7538 on discord. All sign ups will be done verbally.


We’re an easy going heroic guild on Magtheridon with an active discord and about 25 raiders looking for healers or dps in preparation for Shadowlands. We raid twice a week (weds & sun @ 20:00 - 23:00) and we aim to get curve and then to use the left over time to progress however far we can through mythic.

All of the details can be found here:

Well hello there!

I am a officer of < New Divide > . We are currently recruiting new people for our newly formed guild made up of experienced players who met through wow and decided they wanted to make a guild together. We are a friendly bunch of people that also like some banter but also knows when its time to be serious. We strife to achieve alot within shadowlands. We plan to first get HC on farm and then move onto Mythic once we have a strong team in the hopes of getting CE. We also have alot of players who enjoy pvp from arenas to RBGS (if that is also something you enjoy but it doesn’t matter if it’s not your thing) We are looking for all kinds of people wether that be new players who want to learn the game and make friends while on their adventure to older players who have experience and want to raid, we have a spot for everyone and anyone is welcome! Raiding times are as follows: Wednesday 20:30 - 23:30 (optional) Friday: 20:30 - 23:30 Sunday 20:30 - 23:30

Hey. If sat-sunday 3-7pm raid times works for you, then feel free to hit me up on my btag xiphas#1794. cheers!

Hey add Personal#5770 if you’re swedish/norwegian and looking for a guild who can progress on 2 days/week and aim for Cutting Edge :slight_smile:

Hello Rosrosros!

We’re a 2 days//week raiding guild on Kazzak Horde looking to clear CE in each tier for Shadowlands.
We’re a bunch of very experienced and dedicated raiders looking for a resto shaman to fill one of our few spots that’s left.
Add my btag for more info: kanpaigaming@2510

Hey there :slight_smile: please add me on discord Mafs#1817 i believe you’re gonna like us

Hi Rosrosros, I can see you’ve had a fair bit of interest already. Give me a message on discord Aphyxia#7232 if your still searching. I think we’d be a good fit - and have a number of exceptional players that can play multiple classes, allowing some flexibility as to the 3 classes you’ve mentioned above.

Not entirely sure if you will add up to our guild. But though I’d leave a reply anyways if you wanted a chat.

We are a Mythic raiding guild on Ravencrest Alliance with quite a few M+ active players (kinda required for Mythic Raiding). We focus a lot on the social aspect of the players to add up or fit in nicely.

If you want to have a chat add me.

Discord: Sealed#0663
Bnet: Sealed#2123

Hi there!

We are looking for a resto shammy for sure, so please have a look if you would be interested:

Cheers mate