Are we supposed to just accept fundamental game changes going undocumented?

Just wondering, is there a list of changes coming soon or are we just to accept the fact that many things in the game change without any notice?

I’ve done three mythic+ dungeons since the patch came out and I have found SEVERAL changes in all three different dungeons that fundamentally change how the dungeons play out. I know that there are also many changes done to other areas of the game.

Is this supposed to be part of the “adventure” or “exploring the game” or is it just sloppy on Blizzards part either delaying it or thinking it would go unnoticed?

edit: In case someone would even consider saying “there are patch notes” - yes there are patch notes but they include a lot less than everything.

Blizzard’s patch notes have never been comprehensive (as far as I can recall), which I’ve always found pretty annoying, especially when some changes turn out to be unintended/bugs, but you don’t know straight away since it’s not documented anywhere public.

Chances are they’ll move your thread to the General forum though, support don’t deal with gameplay.

I guess the biggest question is: how is it decided what is worth mentioning?

They mention that Zul has less health in mythic and that keystones can’t be deleted in notes, but they fail to mention MAJOR changes to bosses and trash in more or less ALL dungeons. I’m so confused.

Yeah, I know :stuck_out_tongue: They got an upcoming Q&A in a few days, you could try giving that a whirl and see if they’d be up for answering as long as you frame it as part of the patch changes. Live Developer Q&A Friday, 14 December – Submit Your Questions

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