Are you there Kaivax? Firemaw calls


Yesterday you stated the opening of character creation on Firemaw. This was percieved by many, myself included, as an opening of server transfers to Firemaw as well. The “Locked” tag on the server has even been changed to “Full”, but the transfer lock yet persists. The very least you could’ve provided was a short sentence in your post stating that the opening will not affect transfers, which will stay locked. As you have failed to provided said information, i now request it in a new post from you. Is the server getting unlocked at all? If so approximately when?

WotLK is approaching, and me and others would like to be able to plan ahead, do I need to relevel my main class? Or will the transfers unlock right after i have spent a week of ingame time leveling a new character?

This forum once was, and should still be, the best portal to recieve information about the game and what is in store for us paying customers, but it often feels like talking to a brick wall, and no feedback is to be found.

You really made my day when you wrote about the opening of Firemaw, and you made me unsubscribe today when it was proved not to be the case.

Please, make me resubscribe.


You are posting in the TBC section, you are subscribed.

Also using the name of a Blue in the title is against the rules, but hey, I’m sure you don’t care if you get a forum ban.

btw They don’t want thousands of Alliance transferring there.

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I have unsubscribed, but the gametime persists until what i have already paid for has run out. Also do u now have anything else to do than be obnoxious on every single post on the entire forum?


There are other posts about this and being egotistical and making another one is not needed.


Luckily I can block you so I dont have to read anymore stupid answers.


Nah, you know you will still read my posts. Seriously, your other post about this is just below this one.

The rules on posting:


Kinda tired of Dottie already, get a life bro, you’re in the forum 24/7 sperging and defending blizzard all the time. People won’t like blizzard because you defend them and argue in their favor, just shut for once.


We have bots playing the game and spamming in the game in the wrong channels and stuff and they do nothing about it, why should they kick/ban someone from the forums?


I have a tab open for it and when someone replies to me or posts in a thread I have it tells me. I work at my computer so I am on it a lot of the time.

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wow what a lonely life, imagine having a tab open to wow forums. thats kinda sick dude

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He works for blizzard probably, the amount of posts he have here, just a GM that want to give his name or something, but you sperg a lot, ngl… let people do whatever they wont, blizzard don’t ban bots, why would they ban people even if they spamm the forums or use a GM name on a topic tittle, who cares.


I’m in the UK so I don’t work for them. People have far more posts than me on these forums.

Back on topic, i agree with the statements. i have been pissed all day too after i was happy yesterday that i could finally play with my friends only to find out its not true, again.

I also find the lack of communication from blizzard to the playerbase at an all time low. theres also no live-chat or anything just a support ticket that will just end up with either a automated response or an awnser which doesnt help in the slightest. Makes me sad since i remember back in the day how awesome there customer support was.


Statements still proving true. Not a single answer to a single thread on the entire forum about anything. And its not like its that time consuming to answer a few threads each day, the same few names around here comment on hundreds of them every hour, or so it seems.

I think Blizzard is smarter in this, because they expect many players return once prepatch arrives. They can’t open payed transfers for absolute mass of Alliance that are going to fill server to about same level as Gehennas and then on top of that returning/new players would come and ruin everything into lag fest.

If I were you I’d create a character on Firemaw just in case. Oh nvm I have lvl 10 Horde there)

Funny enough you can check the devs activity. Last online, last posted etc. They read our stuff, they just dont care…

Such a pity how the mighty had fallen.


Didnt know about that, but that just makes it even more sad lol

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Yep, he or she is active on the forums and has 100% seen our request for information/communication… I sincerely hope its just a “mistake” and it will be fixed by next reset.

Please, reopen Firemaw Transfers or you will kill the comunity on the server!!

but it’s full on the realm list.

You don’t think the horde will transfer there do you?