Arena Points Reminder


Please be reminded that all of Arena Points will be converted to Honor during the next weekly reset (on Wednesday, 15 September in this region). The conversion rate will be 1 Arena Point = 10 Honor Points, up to the cap of 75000 Honor Points.

Additionally, Arena gear that is purchased just before the weekly reset will not be refundable for Arena Points after the reset.

Thank you!


Please do something about the low population servers @kaivax. I have explained it in my reply within “Dying Realms” thread.

Thank you

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Do you really think an actual blizzard employee will read your post? I got bad news for ya

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how about make arena points earnable with normal bgs. not everyone like arenas. your arena rating system split the pvpplayerbase into 2 pieces.

ok is good

When we can start getting raid loot from questing im all aboard with this change!

Both sounds like truly horrible changes, your probably worse tho

It seemingly takes more skilled mind than yours to realize my response was obvious satire. Zug brains be zug brains

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