Arena World Championship: Shadowlands 2021 Season 1 Begins!

Well… it’s weekend…so…if we have any hopes next reset…but yes, i don’t believe they will take any drastic measure until the end of tournaments…because that will change the balance inside the tournament as well…

No, i think no. No PvP tuning till AWC ends - its end of march and zero to PvE untill MDI ends.

yes me
i hope the pvp tuning fixes are good haha
because what went through the tournament just no

I’m watching NA atm…
ok… they play the same … and the same…pala-mage-warrior … pala mage ww…
the last hour…

I don’t even know why people like playing arena, let alone watching others do it. Sure arena might require skill, but its also atleast 50% about abusing the meta

Holy Paladin World Championship, so cool

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Didn’t know there was anything besides paladin on World Championship.
yeet :wink:

After watching some of the games you can clearly see fire mage and retri pala is kinda op and need to be nerfed, especially fire mage. Survivability and damage is just insane. And its start of the expansion, imagine fmage with good amount of secondary stats. Everything else seems fine, pretty good class diversity except healers. Haven’t seen anything but pally

What woth the state of boomkin. Isn’t this like a slot machine anyway?

Complete fiesta, as everyone predicted.

Now nerf pala and buff underperforming specs. Rdruid and MW are hilariously bad

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Palas are fine. They’re everywhere because of this stupid one shot meta. Tone down the retarded burst on half the classes and you’ll see less palas.

Also we already know which comp is going to win everything (WW, Fmage, Hpala) so might as well scrap the tournament now.

I wonder how many Fury Warrior, BM Hunters or Havoc DH we will see (zero).

All hail to PvP balance!

hail the balance crew -

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