Ashes - Kazzak Recruiting for Battle of Dazar'alor

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Hello and thanks for your time.
The reason of creating < Ashes > is simple, guilds are not they used to be in the past, exciting, disciplined, keeping you motivated to continue to play the game and i intend to bring the old style.
< Ashes > Will be created for 8.1 patch and Battle of Dazar’alor Raid.
Right now i am on the recruiting step of the guild development.
Confirming trials until 10.01.2019, guild creation on 15.01.2019, 15-22.01 heavy preparation for upcoming raid.

Currently in need of experienced raiders:

Tanks : 2 of them: 100% attendance!
Healers : Resto druid, Holy Paladin, Shaman
Melees : Any
Ranged DPS : Any

Looking for people to fill positions listed below:
1x Raid Leader : Looking for experienced Raid leader.
2x Advertisers : Keeping guild reputation at good level, finding potential buyers for boostruns.
2x Recruiting staff - Looking for potential new recruits.
1x Event Manager- Keeping us happy.

Raiding Schedule
Wed 19:30 - 22:30
Sun 19:30 - 22:30
Mon 19:30 - 22:30


Previous mythic experience is a must
► Add-ons (The Below Addons are a must)
Weak Aura
RC Loot Council
Keeping your char up to date with current meta is vital.

What < Ashes > Can Offer YOU!

► A Guild that will keep you entertained
► A way to earn some gold coins via boosts
► Cutting Edge every tier and aim for respectable Rank
► Consumables for Progression
► High M+ Key stones
May offer you 50% or 100% funds for realm transfer.

What I Expect From YOU!

  • Disciplined
  • Positive
  • Maintain high level of performance
  • High attendance rate
  • Patient - Battle of Dazar’Alor will be our first raid and it will be rough.
  • Loyalty
  • Working Mic
  • Long-term member
  • Taking part of tactical discussions

If this bring you any interest to you can apply here :

Resto druid LF mythic raiding team
Mythic Raiding Group LF Guild

Update : Looking for 1 tank BDK/Paladin
Healers : Resto druid , Shaman , Paladin
Ranged DPS : Warlocks,Hunters, Ele shaman?
Melee: 1 Warrior, 1 Monk

Also still looking for Raid leader - have special offer for him


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[H] 383 İLvL 1493 Rio Havoc Dh LF Guild
(Flameguy) #4

Still have spots left to fill, don’t hestistate to join in discord and ask.

383 IL priest or 370 DH LF Draenor [H] Mythic

Looking for exceptional Holy Paladin and Warlocks, can pay realm transfer.


Looking for 1 Brewmaster or Prot paladin paying transfer


i have both BDK and prot pala and im constantly active and online and keeping update with current content, the guild im in im just a social and im allowed to leave if i wish to raid else where by the recruitment officer.

add me up RobemHood #2703

thank you guys

ps. im already on kazzak xD


Hello i am 5/8M BM hunter and my guild disbanned so i am currently searching for one, if you re interested please add me or contact me because i couldnt find another way to contact you.



Hey all, now currently looking to bolster our Mythic+ team with tanks and dedicated healers


Looking for Holy paladin for main roster join discord for further discuss


Still looking for Holy Paladin any realm.

(Flameguy) #13

Looking for 2 healers to join our team. Join