Aurorae [H] [9/9H 1/9M] is looking for new Members 2 continue some Mythic and for Season 3

Hello there,
Aurorae is looking for new blood in Dragonflight Season 2to bolster our Roster again.After achiving our Target set 2 get AOTC in the 4 Tiers of our Guilds existence.We looking to continue our Way of doing that in Season 2,keeping a nice raiding enviorment and haveing Fun togehter over rushing the Content.If you like Raiding and doing some M+ this is the place for you.We Raid Wednesday and Mondays from 19:45-22:15 Servertime.

What we looking for:

Melee Dps (Rogue,DH)

Range DPS (Mage,Warlock,Druid)

Healer (REsto Shaman,Resto Druid)

What you get from us:

An Expierenced Officer and Raid Team

Friendly Atmosphere and Helpfull People

If you have any Question you can get 2 us under:

Gm: Devils#2476 on Battlenet or devils22 on Discord
Recruitment Officer: Ramon#1319 on Battlenet or xramonx_ on Discord

still looking ^^^

still on the hunt for more members and raiders

we are still looking for raider and socials for now and 10.2

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