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I recently received 2 stacks of cloth from Auction House which seemed to have been acquired through buyouts of 49.999 G and 50.000 G respectively. I definitely did not make those buyouts (no one else has access to my computer or account ) and immediately filed a ticket in-game. I had contact with several Game Masters. The first conclusion was that I must have made a mistake. After 12 years of WOW I no longer make mistakes at AH. The final and closing conclusion was that there was no cheat, fraud or exploit and they could do nothing. I was though welcome to file a bug-report which I did. Now I se that the same seller continues to put items on AH at insane buyout prices thus continuing his ‘business’. Have anybody experienced anything similar - and is there a way to protect your account against this. Not using AH is not a solution.

get over it, you probably did a mistake and its ok to do so.

In legion I lost 50k gold worth buy selling at price per stack instead of per piece :frowning: stuff like that happens.


I’m sorry for you mate.

It never happened to me, but I made other silly mistakes, like confusing the unit price with stack price, so I ended up listing a stack for a unit price. It got instantly buyout and I lost 99% of the value.

Make sure you always double-check before you make a buyout or list something.


It’s an old trick, put a bid amount that’s low and a buyout that’s high so you are at the top of the list.


The only possible explanations that come to mind are as follows:

  1. You made a mistake (fell for the oldest trick in the book, high buyout, low bid). No need to feel ashamed and this is probably the most likely explanation as well, and if I was you I’d hope that’s the case.

  2. Somebody took control of your account and made those purchases. Unlikely to have happened without your consent, and the GM’s should have caught on to it if this was happening. Very unlikely to have happened, but if it did that’s bad.

  3. You downloaded a weakaura/addon that buys things off the auction house without your consent. This is also a bad case scenario, but you’d have to download some pretty sketchy stuff in order to fall prey to this. Also unlikely, but worth going through the addons you have at least once in case this did happen, because that would be bad.

My conclusion is that you accidentally made a mistake while using the auction house. Despite being careful, it can still happen, you just need to take measures so the chance of you making a humane mistake is as low as it possibly can be. Better luck next time.


Exactly what Papudeath already said, there are no tools ingame that would allow someone to buy for you through the auction house.

You either made a mistake, got your account compromised or are using compromised weakauras.

were you buying any cloths from AH? aside from those 2? if yes than im assuming you made a mistake if not than its odd.

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Do you use AH addons?


It’s user-discretion to make all the decisions regarding buying an item, determining its value and so forth, and whether you be “scammed” is really your own mistake to make.

In your scenario, it’s likely an addon mess up or you actually did make a mistake and didn’t realise it.

You do realise “TLDR” is seen as trolling, right?

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You’re also very hypocritical and quick to judge. You do nothing BUT cry here on the forums about things that bother you in game, yet tell others not too. And then ASSUME that this person, that you don’t know, has “duped normal players”.

So, who hurt you?

As for the OP, it would most likely be down to a mistake. Doesn’t matter how long you have played the game for, human errors can still happen. Someone could be working a job for 15+ years and still have that 1 day where they make a mistake.

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tldr also constitues as a summary in case you missed it, obviously i have read his post hence i replied


It is more likely that you were sleepy or smth and wanted to bid, but clicked buyout. Happened to me to. If it was some malware/bug, etc, youd be had for much more than 100k, unless thats all you have on that char.

Some things we just dont always register correct, specially if its a normal pattern that you break for some reason. Last year i made a ticker bc my foods at nomi werent there. I was convinced i had started a bunch. A gm went to investigate and said exactly what i had done. I came from there on that day; went to Nomi; took the foods; did not start any new recipes/cooking; went to the fly point and took off there. It then started to dawn on me that, since i had all recipes, but not all at rank 3, i had been doubting if i should proceed with it. And then i vaguely remembered i had decided not to.
Sometimes we just arent aware enough, it seems.

Yes, there is some protection possible against this (if you made an error). Here’s what i do:

I have a main, alts, bankers, like the rest of us. You know what is normal for each char to spend. My main and alts dont spend much and have no need to run about with tons or mills of gold. My bankers are supposed to make gold, but they do make big purchases at times, so it is not odd for any banker to have tons of gold. I do limit them at times.
All the gold none of them need i sent to the NONE trader. He is the actual bank. He never buys anything. And so i cannot make too big of a mistake.
For that one occassion where one does need a million or smth to buy stuff, i am very aware what i send and to whom and for what and make that sale as soon as i have that gold on that char.

Everyone can protect himself like this from mistakes we all make. And when i look at ah and see those items listed for half a million, it feels good to know i cannot fall for that trap.
Although i have to say i am a bit sloppy atm. So i better…

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Auctioneer and AuctionLite

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