Avoid this guy

Avoid this guy
You want to avoid this guy because he is going to deplete your key purposely. I invited this guy to my 14 Atal’ Dazar and he began standing in lethal stuff and pulled packs, on top of the packs that we had already pulled.
I was lucky enough to catch some of it on OBS. If you want to watch his trolling in action go to youtube and search up “Ian Paisol” and find the video “Trolling warlock - Russian”
When someone is such a pain the crack, they should be called out for it. And here I am doing it. Make him feel it!
If you want the name of the guy who purposely depleted my key, you can add Thuzalia#3441 on discord.


Naming and Shaming is not permitted on the forums and is a violation of the rules.

You may wish to edit your post and remove the name.


I can’t figure out how to delete my post!

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lol… :man_facepalming:

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Noted but you may want to avoid posting names on the forums…

It’s frowned upon.

If you are Drfghto then you need to be on that character to edit your post.

Hi. Removed his name. But if you would like to know his name, just add me on discord, and i’ll giv it you you.

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if he entered and left immediately then report harrassment, otherwise, nobody cares

he did something even worse! He trolled the key and wasted our time!

Lock just want to have fun

Nah, he was purposely trying to be a pain in the ***

I dont support such behavior ,i would never do such thing myself!An yes i understand your justified frustration.But problem is that this game is played by millions of people and good chunk of them are trolls or just flat out idiots just like everywhere .If i am to write names of trolls and morons on paper,well lets say global warming would be speed up noticeably

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I see you. But it is a first time for me to see a troll in wow. Yes i’ve seen thousands of them in FPS games, but wow - i thought that was an exception

Hey der. Da trolls, we be everywhere, but much times we hide in de shadows.


Oh no, i’ve even made da Foumtrolls make a move…


Mi agree Bredda.
Wi trolls hab bin put tuh di tess by di alliance. Wi humbly support di big human supporting our cause.


Bump, so this © can get shamed some more.

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im not gonna lie this hase been issue sience M+ came out. and there is no filter or what so ever in this game to choose the right person into your group. On my main i had a m17 key this week and another russian guy came, he looked nice, he even greeted the rest of the group members, and when i placed the key after he directly pulled the whole dungoen on purpouse he just simply left the instance breaking my key, and also becasue of this dikchead move the rest of the group members were gone too shortly after. dont get me wrong i like doing M+ but with thiese sheet fest combined with the elitism with the Rio fest, eather M+ should be removed completly or the Rio addon with thiese kind of players.


I have no problem with people like that being named and shamed.


Maybe you don’t but Blizzard has at least the forum part.