Balance druid LF 3 day mythic raid guild

hi, im 6/10 and looking for some serrious guild for the remaining of this patch and the upcoming patch 9.1
I joined abit late of this expansion so i have had a hard time to actually progress further than my standard allowed (simply because of low attendence from the team i was in before); i raided back in legion and almost got aggramar down on mythic, but thats history now. More of a picture that i’m a good raider"

Beside doing mythic progression I also like to push keys, but thats also abit hard when pugging is all i can do atm since i need to find a good home" x
I’m looking for atleast a guild that raids more than 2 days a week.
if you fancy a good player you can write down your discord info and i can add you for a chat.
I got 2 mains with almost same il
Hope to hear from someone

Hey there!

Is it essential that you want more than 2 days or is that related to progress? I’m asking because we manage to get decent progress with only 1 day/week.

im afraid 1 day is abit too low for my addiction)

Hey! I’m from Regrettable Decisions, a 7/10M guild on Ragnaros [H]. We could definitely use a boomie with experience, although it is a 2 day guild.
We raid 20:00-23:00 server time on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Our wowprog has a link to our discord if we sound like a good fit, or you can dm me on discord for links/questions and such (azure#8455).

Hi Dafruktose,

Hope your well.

Would love to speak with you more, please have a read of our recruitment post that has all the information you may need in terms of questions and if it interests you please do contact me on bnet. ( Psykick06#2401 )


Hey there buddy,
add my discord Nik#1336 and lets have a chat :slight_smile: