Balance druid LF home


So I’m a 213 ilvl balance druid, 2/10 mythic exp looking for a new guild to do mythic progression in; I am a very hard working player who is constantly pushing myself to excel further and ideally want to join an environment where I am able to do that.

I joined the game late Cataclysm and quickly fell in love with end game raiding successfully getting 8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul before the launch of MoP.

In MoP I pushed myself harder to achieve cutting edge in MSV , HoF and 3/4 bosses downed in ToES sadly not getting a single pull on Sha of Fear, however quickly killed him 2 weeks into the launch of ToT.

In ToT I achieved cutting edge and undying Ra-Den achievment and then got SoO downed 10 and 25 Cutting Edge.

Sadly in WoD I had to quit after achieving 6/7 Mythic in HM, and 9/10 Heroic BRF due to work related reasons; I returned in Legion and I got 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare, and 2/10 Mythic Nighthold before my guild disbanded; I ended up taking a step back from raiding due to nerfs to my spec and having bad luck on the legendary.

Towards the end of Legion I returned and achieved 8/11 Mythic and the guild I joined sadly stopped progression and took a 4 month break until BFA, I decided to stick it out and entered BFA quite strong.

6/7 Mythic Uldir
8/9 Mythic BoD
4/8 Mythic Eternal Palace
12/12 Mythic Nya’lotha

SLands -

2/10 Mythic CN

Feel free to leave your BTags or Discords in the chat, and I will get in contact with you.

If you are still looking, hit me up Babs#21172
we just hit 2/10Mythic going for a chill environment while clearing content

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If you are swedish or understand swedish feel free to add my bnet: Malcic#2292

3/10M looking to fill out our raiding roaster and achieving CE every tier is our goal.

Take care!

Please add me on battlenet trasherke#2226


Simplistic 2/10 M, is a newly formed guild. Of irl friends, and long term in game friendships.

We have come together, formed a mythic raiding guild. That will aim for CE each tier going forwards.

We raid Thursday and Sunday, from 20-23 Server time.

Any newcomers are welcome as Trial position, main raid team is preferably looking for Warrior, Warlock - Though all exceptional players are in consideration.

We are looking for socials, to help fill the optional guild events such as RBG’s, Arena, M+.

For any further questions, contact either;
Or on discord;

Hey, if your still looking and want to raid on Ally poke me
2/10 M

I don’t want to leave you with a Wall of Text but if you’re all about that CE progress raiding and are looking for a guild who’re recruiting for their main spots in a currently 3/10 (Almost 4/10) guild then you can contact me through Discord at TbXie#3737

Hey dude,

We are Revolution on SIlvermoon, been looking for a boomy for a little while, give me an add on Cairnsy#2846 if you are still looking and we can talk.



Yo dude ! Superiority complex is looking for a few more players to round out the mythic team! 2/10M atm with 2% best pull on hungering!

Would like to get in touch!

Bnet: a4papier#2833
Discord: a4papier#3255

Hey, not sure if you’re still looking for a guild. New Divide on Draenor are looking for a balance druid for Mythic Progression. We are currently 10/10 HC and 2/10M. We take a more chilled and friendly approach with the goal of progressing further. If you are interested please add me on discord: Dwuckiee#6152

3/10M superiority complex is recruiting bdruids

Discord: a4papier#3255

Hello Apocaholic!

After reading your post I think you would fit in quite well in with us. We are slightly ahead of you in progress with 4/10M. I’d love to have a chat with you to see if we are the guild you are looking for.

We have room for players that love improving themselves, but also have a very social/vocal playerbase to support this.

Please contact Sealed#2123 on or Sealed#0663 on Discord.

[h] <archaic order> - 2/10 M 1-day raiding guild, if you would like to know more please add my btag yasri#2238 or discord yasri#3142