Ban for "incorrect" opinion

So, I tried to answer a public post here :
Immediately got a system message that my post was deleted because I dont have active game time, while my level 60 was ingame (and still is several days after).
Submitted a ticket, got a generic responce.

I dont believe I broke any rules or tos, and technically I wasnt banned - I just cannot reply to posts, so I cant appreal ban (‘shadowban’ they call it). I just need to figure out some things.

How exactly forum moderators make a decision to ban someone or not, based on what - their personal ‘feelings that some ‘rule’ was broken’ or those rules are presicely written and upholded? Who those answer to, how exactly a banned person can appeal?

Is this a case of so-called “cancel culture” widely spread nowadays on social media finally got to me as well?
I already voted with my wallet since it doesnt look like this company’s product and service is ‘inclusive’ to straight White Christian people group.

I dont believe topics like that I tried to answer is a legit conversation, because it suddenly started to happen alot in recent years, and this spike in “group X” rights fight looks like it was orchestrated by someone, esp. if you know who Saul Alinsky is.


Code of Conduct:

Forum Guidelines:

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Yes, I know and read that, I still dont believe I broke any of those.
Nevertheless, topic started obviously fall into several categories :

Obscene / Vulgar
This category includes both clear and masked language in posts, signatures, and/or links to websites containing such language or images which:

  • Are an inappropriate reference to human anatomy or bodily functions
  • Are pornographic in nature

Spamming or Trolling

  • Creating threads for the sole purpose of causing unrest on the forums
  • Causing disturbances in forum threads, such as picking fights, making off topic posts that ruin the thread, insulting other posters
  • Making non-constructive posts

But no actions was taken against him.
So, this means forum moderators can decide at their own extremely biased discretion whether to apply the rules or not.

Wait this is against ToS?

Then the forum mods are doing a bad job :’)

You can’t actually report that thread anymore so it’s obviously fine as that means they have reviewed it and seen nothing wrong with it, though some posts inside it are definitely breaking the rules. I actually ran out of reports I could make less than 20 posts in.

I think the thread should be locked as it is enticing players to post rule breaking comments.

You literally get banned for calling someone an idiot (I did) and, if you read all the rules, posting about getting banned.

Hi Moonfart,

There was no action taken on your Forum account by any member of the moderation team.

However your account does not appear to have any active game time or subscription, which would be why you’re not able to post. It looks like it expired some days ago, but you’re still essentially playing on “borrowed time” :stuck_out_tongue:

Likely you will eventually be disconnected and unable to login on higher level characters, so it’s worth checking your subscription and/or adding game time again :slight_smile:

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Be sure to flag any posts within threads that you feel are inappropriate. There has been some moderation within the thread from flags already though :slight_smile:

And what happens when I cannot report them because they are so numerous I run out of reports I can make?

I know it takes time for reports to be actioned, is there a way to view posts you have reported in one place?

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At the time this ban occured, I had game time and I was ingame with my level 60 character for several days more. Then, game time ended indeed.
I dont understand what a “borrowed time” is, I did not borrow anything, I paid full price infront.

Depending on factors only Blizzards knows there can be potentially several days worth of grace period or borrowed time between last subscription date and the date game actually prevents you from playing. Most likely to account payment delays, declines etc. when it comes to the subscription.

It is possible the forum does not have such grace period or it is more restrictive than the game itself so it is unlikely there is some grand conspiracy to “cancel” you like you seem to imply in your posts.

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Quoting for truth.

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