Be careful out there

That’s great.

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Well all the regulars are still around and I know of at least two posters who have had posts removed over the last couple of days and they are both still posting.

On the face of it I am still not seeing anyone having been banned for saying something someone doesn’t like nor upvoting something someone doesn’t like.

There are things you can say among friends in private and things you can say on public forums - those things often differ.


Would rather be banned and be homeless than let people control how I think or feel or blackmail me into their own agendas.


People don’t get banned for no reason, most people get a time out from the forums if they break the rules. You don’t get them for having an opinion, you get them for breaking the rules.

So if you can’t express yourself without attacking other people, swearing, sharing exploits, etc etc then yes you may find yourself having a timeout from the forum.

If you are unsure about what is or isn’t permitted then you can check here:-

A post that is buried is one the community has flagged for report and is waiting review by a moderator.


If by “cancelling” you mean “people getting kicked off privately owned social media platforms for sexual harassment” then I guess you’re right.


Am I misunderstanding something or is the OP defending methodjosh?

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See you’re part of the problem he’s talking about. Putting words into peoples mouths. He didn’t say that did he? There is lots of people accussed and you twist and turn stuff around to associate his post with the worst one with the most evidence against him. Adding random facts onto someones post to make them look bad.

You want evidence and a court case before you decide if a random stranger you don’t know is guilty? Omg you must be racist or up to something with kids. <<< this is what it’s like when you try to speak with some logic.

Twitter isn’t a court.


Yeah you misunderstood somethin, the OP is talking about the cancel culture in general and not about Josh.

No one with a working brain would defend Josh.

Well I am not sure this is true anymore.


Sometimes, that attitude leads people to be entirely wrong and proud of it, expressing falsehoods they may or may not know to be propaganda that has no place on this forum.

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You don’t know my opinion on anything, I didn’t express what my opinions where on any subject. I don’t think you get the point of the post. I guess you just assumed I was a racist bigot because of what I said? That says more about you than me.

If what you’re saying puts you at risk of being “randomly” banned, maybe you should look into it a bit more? I don’t know, I’m not accusing anyone but when someone expresses confusion at the state of things, I must assume they aren’t getting the full picture.

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OP is referring to people canceling social media profiles because of what they have said/upload like 10 years ago when world was different.

My point was like the Swifty thing, He got his stuff removed from the game just because someone said that stuff about him. I can’t remember any evidence being presented against him. I’m a firm believer of innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. This is the basis our nations live on otherwise we have anarchy. Now you can get severly attacked and lose your job or forum access in places just for stating this these days.

What’s next? Burning people at the stake again?

If someone tries to tell me I’m a victim blamer because I want it to go to court, Then I would rather be cancelled and banned in places than let that happen. I feel strongly about peoples rights to be given a fair trial.

Also the goal posts keep constantly changing, There is people being “cancelled” for not even breaking the law. It’s shocking and wrong. Twitter users being judge and executioner.

So yeah I would rather be cancelled and homeless than lose sense of fairness and judge people on facts. Not one sided statements on a social media site. If someone wants to judge me for that then I’ll happily be cancelled too.


Blizzard is a private company and as such is entitled to protect it’s brand any way it seems fit. That includes removing any connections with items in it’s game that are associated with people who are accused of misbehaving. It is not a judgement, admittance of guilt or a statement of support to anyone. It is simply removing itself from any involvement/association by having the in game achievement and statue associated with scandal disappear from the game.

This is fairly standard business practice. No one wants to tarnish their brand and will always seek to distance themselves.


This is just a general statement. Not saying that upvoting someone’s post on the WoW Forums will ban you, but it happens on other social media platforms, and it’s probably just a matter of time until it reaches here.

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Yeah, Well they are part of the problem. This is why people are acting like judge and executioner. They are part of a major issue of people being allowed to punish people using Twitter. It can happen to anyone then. So any male who isn’t liked can have that happen to them by just writing a few lines on Twitter? That’s what I’m expressing. Blizzard should maybe get a backbone and not just care about money but also principles. Do people actually think Blizzard are sexual pedator supporters if they didn’t remove his stuff until he was found guilty?

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I’ve had my share of posting trolling threads because I think it’s funny, and I expect to be silenced for a few days, but I’ve also made posts that has not broken any rules and has yet been deleted.

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