Beta Invite Wave and Burning Crusade Classic Launch Test

fresh tbc server pls <3

Thanks for the invite, but I’ll be at my last classic talent raid as well as last raid with DMF 10% buff. But good luck with the stress test I guess.

Thanks for invite!! I played 2 BGs and felt… like it was back there…
And it felt… so good. Let’s go forward… Backwards!! I’ll spam BGs all day tomorrow and if i can manage arenas ofc!!

A good idea to have a stress test. Hope it will help making the launch a lot smoother.

But I didn’t get an invite even at this point, kekbur, so good luck there.

Still waiting for my invite. With all these people saying “can’t come, raiding”, any chance of expanding the invite list? I’m unlikely to stay up to 11pm BST for actual launch, but 7pm i can do.

Just so those are aware – “Launch Test” is a PVP server and we are advised to all congregate by the Outlands portal. What do you think will happen?

I’ll be making a rogue or druid :smiley:

Were is my beta invite Blizz ?

It being a pvp server is important to for blizzard to be able to optimize it. Large scale pvp causes a lot more strain on the servers than people standing around dropping aoe that doesn’t hit anyone.

Horde ganked everyone trying to get through the portal and due to the lag it never happened. We got dc’ded and most of us got through. Then Blizard spawned three fell reavers, lovely :slight_smile:

Looks like Hexx be dodging another beta wave…

Maybe I should reconsider tankin’… Hmm…

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