BFA is the worst expansion by player activity

Worse as in less players sure but to me WoD apart from BRF and CMs was just pure awful.
Even though BFA is bad simply put there is more to do imho.
Outside of raids and cms please tell me what else was there to do ?

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I’m just waiting for the point of this post to reveal itself.


The purpose of the numbers like the ones in the first post is precisely to move away from “imho” and personal opinions into aggregate reactions.

You say you personally like BFA more than WOD. That’s fine. Others might like WOD more. That’s also fine.

What the numbers show is that BFA is worse than WOD was at keeping the attention of the players. Personal opinions non-withstanding. Maybe part of that is related to the players being more tired with Blizzard now then when WOD was the current expansion. That is, maybe BFA is better than WOD, but not enough better and Blizzard was screwing people up for so long that even a better expansion now evokes a worse reaction. Maybe. But there’s a lesson there in any case.


Maybe how you word it comes into it.

BFA doing WORSE then WoD playetwise.
BFA is better gameplay wise then WoD.
Both are awful expacs but couldnt you follow the forum rules and just keep your view to one thread.
Forums is filled with so much negative BS atm.
I feel sorry for the ones who like the game they get slapped down and called shills.


I am pretty sure there is no forum rule that I - or you, or anyone - have to keep their views to one thread.

Not that I even post much, my post count is a fraction of that of many other people.


I quote

"The new search function is extremely robust. Please be sure to use it to look for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer before creating your forum topic. Making a new thread on an existing subject will likely result in your thread being locked or deleted. If you continue to repost it you’re likely to have your posting privileges suspended for spamming. "


There was no thread on player activity levels with numbers and graphs.

Let’s end this. I didn’t violate any rules. If you have something to post on topic, do so. Otherwise, have a nice day.


Its the same stuff you where on about yesterday in another topic just with added graphs maybe read forums rules in future and understand what they mean.
All you are doing is spreading negativity over lots of threads .


No. I wrote different things yesterday and today. I get an impression that you cast every negative thing written about BFA as “the same”, but you are wrong to do this. Stop acting like the self-proclaimed forum police.


“Wait and see” (but don’t forget to keep paying in the meantime).


I would hesitate to say that BFA is worse than WoD based purely on those numbers. The only thing that is objective is that player activity has dropped. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the game is bad, because there are a lot of things that can affect player activity.

Correlation does not equal causation.


Oh the ole forum police well maybe if you didnt put your negative spill all over the place i wouldnt need to say to you read the guidelines.
We all know the game is bad but your posts are getting really really boring .
Unsub quit show the power of your money but save us from your endless tripe to justify how bad it is.

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No disagreement. See my post above (post 10, I think).

But in the end, that’s not changing much, it’s just slightly different wording for essentially the same point. BFA is worse than WOD in terms of player interest. Does this sound better? Not really.


Numbers don’t lie, agree. But can’t expect player base to be on WotLK lvl in a few months. Maybe not even in a few years. Or never again. Who knows what will happen. Maybe in near future WoW goes in VR tech so it can be bigger in terms of players than WotLK. Maybe they don’t last that long. But ppl come and go, it goes around. As in life. I like it, will play until I find it interesting. What is interesting to me, maybe it’s not for you.


I’d argue that people disliked them for different reasons.

As a casual pvP player for me wod was great couldn’t fault it. Easy for me to max out my hard player hitting gear, lovely side activities, lovely sense of really solid progression with both my gear/ enchants and garrisons. Characters were pruned but not too badly.

I think people biggest fault with wod was lack of content I can see that I guess but couldn’t say, I felt like I had enough to do and actually liked the fact that for once I felt maxed out for my intended purpose of PvP.

BFA I feel like I will never max out and totally defeated, especially with mythic+ range loot and time gated content does not inspire me to make the extra effort. I also really dislike the feel that my druid now moves like a decrepit old man with dementia as he has less knowledge know than he had 20 levels ago. He feels slower and weaker.


well the world changes and players have more interesting things to do and seeing as bfa has been a holding pattern for previous expansions* rather than what I would call an expansion (ie, very little inventiveness or new things … unlike newer games), you cant be surprised that these numbers are low. Fair weather players will always go to the newest game, purely because its new out. Magpie players. Theres more to do these days than there was even 10 years ago. More distractions.

  • Ive always called bfa, even during beta, “an amalgamation of the unused from previous expansions all lumped together” and I stand by that.

So yes, the numbers only show one side of reality and thus are closeted nonsense that shouldn’t be paid attention to. Two sides to every story, eh

you might also realise that most wow vanilla players are now in marriage age and don’t wow any more, so all we are left with are singletons and fair weather players … who don’t dedicate themselves to games, just flit between them with the amount of games out there now.


All I can say is: not to me. WoD didn’t have enough content and I understand that was not OK, but what content was available was to me more fun than the whole of Legion. And all that BfA is so far.

I’m just waiting for… something. :joy:

But I don’t know what.


This, but as a filthy pvp casual it had enough content for me, so it was absolutely magic. Really unpopular when i say it was actually the best expansion for me. I should have stopped on it as i found it borderline perfect.

Don’t worry, 8.1 will fix it.

Oh right, this is 8.1 - ok then 8.2 will fix it.


I don’t think anyone is contesting the idea that BFA is a horrid, poorly attempted failure of a product.

However, I still have a place in my heart for this game. After all, I’ve been playing this game since 2004.

The two main problems are clear:

1: Blizzard (the ones making the decisions) are obvious EGO-MANIACS that can never be wrong and think they are smarter/better than their fans.

2: Activision is clearly the name of an Old God.