Blizzard can you communicate with us ! pls!

Here allow me to help you OP get heard more clearly just in case your demands didn’t get through.


There you go. You get what you wanted, spokesman for all as you are, and I get free candy.

Puts on Hot Chocolate

“Everyone’s a winner baby that’s so true…”


ye dude sorry for trying to improve the game so we dont have to play 3 more years of this bullsh1t, maybe i should just do cringe posts iike you on confession threads and just hope next expansion will be good

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Alert the Oxford University Press, “improve” has been redefined to “criticise with in a rude manner with no constructive points”.

Thanks, I’ll start drafting the letter right away. Oh, and next time if you are willing to stand by your opinions post on your main ^^


stop pretending blizzard are stupid, they know exactly what we want and people argued about gcd 2 years ago already, and spell removal since forever, same for pvp stats, they just read but choose to ignore it, people like you still defending blizzard after bfa make me wanna puke

Fixed. You certainly don’t speak for everyone.

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You’re effectively hiding behind an alt so you don’t even have convictions of your own posts.

Games change over time, some people like it, some people don’t, some people don’t care.

I would also suggest reading this:

Using the words Blizzard, Blue, or any community team members name in a thread topic to gather attention is frowned upon

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I’m not.

Where did I defend blizzard at any point?

here :toilet:

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You put some really existing problems in your post, OP. But you’re just being disrespectful and it’s getting worse and worse. If you want to make a change post a forum explaining all the issues that YOU think are making WoW worse for YOU.
Don’t drag other people…It’s normal to “throw a bit of shade” at someone or even Blizzard but there is always a limit.


“and that the only reason this game isnt dead is because of what it was 10 years ago”

I play since legion, what was so special 10 years ago? Enlighten me o/

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You mean me questioning your attitude towards me? Because frankly it is foul and I’m still waiting to see where I defended Blizzard.

I don’t do them, though I do collect the pets

Let me know when they get here.

Your OP does indeed raise some valid points, but you’re not going to get a response if you starting attitude is borderline rabid. If you want to be listened to

At the end of the day, who would you listen to, the person expressing concern and offering advice, or the guy screaming in your face while giving nothing in regards as to what to do to improve the situation?

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There were more spells with less on the Global Cooldown and OP didn’t have to wait 0.75 - 1.5 seconds to spam abilities in PvP.

maybe if blizzard respected us and cared about feedbacks of pvp players i wouldnt have to make threads like this dont u think? but anyways now i see why this game will always be dogsh1t, only people that have a subscription can post on forums so you cant see the feedbacks of everyone that left the game, plus the fact some people have no idea what im even talking about/never entered arena their whole life but dare to reply, these guys are the reason this game is garbage and will always be, keep whiteknighting people that only want your money its fine

You do not speak or decide for others what they do or don’t like. Which is all I have said. You make some odd presumptions.

Even when people agree that something is an issue in WoW they all have different ideas of how that should work instead. Players NEVER speak with one voice, the game has lots of different sorts of players. Even the players that do the same kind of content don’t all want the same thing.

So by all means share what you would like to see in the game.


My gaming BFF started playing during MoP :slight_smile:

im not making odd presumptions, everybody wants pvp vendors and gcd fix, and more unpruning, maybe some people like when the game has 3 buttons per class and corruption being a thing but you have to realize that a lot of people cant post on forums because they left the game for the reasons listed above,so the remaining people will most likely enjoy the garbage game that is retail but numbers dont lie, wow lost 10 millions subscribers so as i said the oppinion of people liking the game as it is now has pretty much zero value

Not even that… I’m an ‘old player’, but I don’t WANT WoW to be anything like it was in the vanilla/tbc/wotlk days.


You just did with the next part:

I don’t want PvP Vendors and I don’t think it GCD needs fixing.

You’ve made a presumption that everyone thinks like you and wants what you want.

you don’t even have “step into the arena” achievement,so i think your oppinon about pvp vendor has zero value
u wont see any gladiator player against the return of pvp vendors
and i think blizzard listening to people like you is the reason the game is what it is nowadays

You presume that people want a mobile like game.

You also can only speak for you. We can all make up stats and make sweeping statements about what we think the playerbase wants.

It seems that is going to fall on deaf ears repeatedly so I’m going to leave you to it.

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What you think is ‘better’, to someone else might very well be ‘worse’.
And so you can’t just ‘speak for everyone’.

Anyway, you seem to have a very aggressive stance against anyone who disagrees with you. I’ve been accused of the same thing in the past, but ehm… I don’t remember ever being as overly aggressive right from the get-go, to be honest.

Calm down. And actually make some good arguments to support the changes you want and maybe, just maybe, the devs will listen. Going about it like this will either get them to just disregard what is being said (even though there might be good points in that rant) or the thread being locked because of this overly toxic back and forth.

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