Blizzard please open Character Transfer in prepatch

My man, are you on Pyre? I want to reward you with a small amount of gold! It appears to have worked.

Took 20mins to process or so.

Perfect, I’m not so please keep the money. Glad others are able to transfer with 5k.

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I’m not able to transfer my char, even though the paid service is back in game. Anyone else with this problem?
I’ve even tried to buy the lvl 58 boost, to see if it was the transfer service that was bugged, but even the boost service seems to be off. Any tips?

Amazing how fast you can fix issues that actually Cost.

Any chance to reset cd on transfer ? I transfered my mage on march 13 when we had no clues that pre-patch were coming in may.

This character transfer still isn’t working for me - It doesn’t load the payment page for me. Anyone know if I can fix this on my side?

I found that buying boosts would not complete and process if I tried to do it using the shop tab on login page. If I went to my Account in browser, login, then go to shop, and game services, then I was able to do it ok and it all went through.

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