Blizzard's explaination on GDKP ban is insufficient and still leaving a lot of questions unanswered

Blizzard’s explaination of GDKP ban is only defined as “any raid or dungeon run where items are awarded in exchange for gold.” Which is extremely shallow, vague and leaving some questions and obvious loop holes unanswered. I have few questions that i am very curious about.

1- Is it legal for people to offer gold to buy items from other players in a non-gdkp raid? Example: Player A wins an item via rolling in an MS>OS raid and gets the item. The item is now his. Then the player B offers some gold to the player A to buy that item. Since this is not technically a raid where items are awarded in exchange for gold, does this mean that this kind of behaviour is allowed?

2- Is it legal for people to participate in a raid or dungeon run where items are awarded in exchange for materials? Since Blizzard’s definition of GDKP strictly mentions gold transactions and no other currency or a material, this means that people can use materials to bid for the items. For example, the current GDKP communities can come up with something like a “MDKP” system which allows people to bid on items with Mithril bars to bypass to current restrictions. And later sell those valuable items in AH in exchange for gold.

3- Is it legal for people to participate in a raid or a dungeon run where items are awarded in exchange for a currency other than the gold? This may sound ridicilous, but according to the Blizzard’s definition, it is still possible to use Silver instead of Gold as a currency in “SDKP” raids. This may sound funny but the fact is Silver is still very valuable in SoD. People can bid on items using the silver (such as bidding 500 silver instead of 5 gold) and trade 99 silver at a time. Based on the Blizzard’s definition, this should be perfectly fine.

If the answers for my last two questions are “no”, then the wording for the rule should be changed as “any raid or a dungeon run where items are awarded in exchange for any currency, material or a service.”

Everything you mention would be against tos.
Agree should maybe be better worded.

You just explaining gdkp but with extra steps


How so? Can you give me the exact line where the points that i mention is against ToS? The only restriction applied is on gold so far, from what i can see at least.

This is covered in the interview with the devs, I especially linked the part where the video segment starts about this.

As for calling it “silver”, gold is the currency of the game covering silver, coppers and nothing changes by calling it whatever you want to name it to trade it. There’s no point trying to circumvent the TOS with that.

This has also been asked earlier on the US forums:

It is best that you leave any feedback on the EU SOD thread, positive or negative:

Or through the ingame suggestion box.


So even if we consider “gold” to include other currencies such as silver as well (despite it still isnt mentioned in ToS), this definition still doesnt consider materials or services to be used in exchange for items. Is that correct?

Check it out, but then don’t cry on the forum because you got banned.

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How can people be banned while doing something that hasnt been disallowed in a ToS? These are the exact loopholes people are watching for.

Well, use these loopholes, but then don’t cry on the forum about why you were banned.

“Wahh wahhh! I can’t buy gold to buy gear anymore! Wahhh wahhhh!”

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Try it out.

We are all eagerly awaiting your feedback if it works or not.

We’re defining GDKP as any raid or dungeon run where items are awarded in exchange for gold.

My only concern here…imagine if someone in the raid forgot to bring consumes and then buys them from someone else in the raid, is that not going to lead to false positives? I really hope the auto detect system is sensitive enough to recognize the differences…

I think the system will only work on items that drop from bosses.

might also work for trash mob drops aswell
but im guessing that it wont work on consumes as they dont really drop exclusively from raids and dungeons

What if someone buys consumes of a guildie, and is then traded an item that was awarded with MS > OS loot rules?

OP is absolutely right, there is missing a ton of information on how exactly this is going to be implemented and enforced, anyone should be able to see that regardless of your views on GDKP.

And an unofficial youtube video ain’t it, even that lacks a ton of information but it needs to be written down.

They technically don’t even need a reason to ban you. The ToS states that they can ban you whenever they feel like it. F around and you might find out.

just use /roll or use a player made loot currency like dkp.

Just use blockbuster gift cards as currency

Are all items traded by auction? No.
At the end of the raid do each raid member receive a sum of gold? No.

So it’s not a GDKP, you’re safe.