Blizzard's Horde bias strikes once again


After getting every advantage in the past like first Warfront or first Warfront without requirement Horde now also gets the Heroic Warfront first because screw Alliance. Getting really tired of your crap, Blizzard.

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Well lets be honest Horde mythic raiding scene is far bigger than Alliance one. Alliance isn’t even part of WF race.


Horde racials are just better.


Are you complaining about losing a 50/50 coin flip?


We had the Warfront unlocked 1 hour after season 3 started and surprisingly we didn’t get the heroic Warfront because it was “Mid-Cycle”…


Horde got stormgrade first in 8.0, we got darkshore first in 8.1. Now they reverted back and gave it to alliance anyway even if it wasnt techically our turn.


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Yea, they completely planned this from the start of the expac, knowing that fixed timer thing would fall perfectly to screw over alliance.

Give me a break, God, people like you will literally moan about anything.


Not anymore, really. They used to be, and now we’re in the aftermath of that - most people serious about PvE moved to Horde and there’s not enough reason to move back to Alliance.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this Warfront thing was done intentionally, though, to satisfy the majority of the community. It makes sense from that perspective.

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Given how the mythic dungeon weekly event was right before the season start (the worst timing for it), I REALLY don’t think Blizzard plans these things.


You must have missed this the other day then, Alliance did get the Heroic Warfront and still have it available right now, at least for another little while anyway

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