BM Hunter - LF 2 day raiding

Hi all,

What I’m looking for:
— 2 day raiding with optional alt raids, ideally pushing into mythic
— Active outside of raids (mythic+ etc)
— Adult guild who understand real life commitments come first
— Relaxed atmosphere

What you get:
-Loyal player who takes the time to learn new encounters and changes to class
-Able to play multiple classes and specs
-will maintain a few classes in shadow lands

Would prefer to stay on Tarren Mill, however I would be willing to trial cross realm with a guild and if we agree its a fit I will transfer.

Hey man ill try and contact you!

In the meantime heres our post.

Hello, maybe you are interested

Hey mate. We’re on a mid/low pop server at Chamber of Aspects, but as a guild we’re thriving. We are getting close to around 700 chars and have around 50/60 people online on most evenings. We have 2 days progress raids wed/sun, two days of alts/social raids Thu/Fri, a PvP night on Monday and have achievement runs and similar stuff on Saturday noons.

Our Mythic progress is 3/12 and we should end the expansion around 6-7/12M. No CE, just good fun.

You’re welcome to join us/give us a try, should you want.

Best of luck.

Currently online for next few hours if you fancy a chat