BM Hunter looking for (small) guild (on Dreanor)

Hi there,

I’m a BM hunter, currently have a (possible) item level of 471, I’ve recently gotten 12/12 heroic on Ny’alotha, and I’m looking for a guild to join.

One problem: I have a some social anxiety, so I’m really bad at interacting with a big group of new people, so that’s why I’m asking for a small guild, maybe one that’s just building up…? I’d really like to have some friends in-game :slight_smile:

Furthermore, I’m looking for an english guild. I personally prefer doing a mix of old and new content, so it’d be amazing if you would too (but it’s not the most important point, I’m fine with doing almost any content).

If you have a raiding guid and have specific raiding evenings, I’d like to be a social, as in, I’d like to be able to choose when to raid, since I am a university student and I’m pretty busy with school at times >.<

That seems about all, thanks for reading~

Hey there!

I’d like to let you know about our guild Casually Dedicated. We are a new guild building up where the social aspect is more important to us than raid progress. We don’t yet have a raid team but we plan on raiding normal/heroic when we have enough people. Wether than be BFA or Shadowlands, we aren’t in a rush. The guild is for people who can’t commit to certain days/times consistantly, but still like to join in.

Here’s our forum thread with more details. If you have any questions feel free to add me on btag or discord. You can find them at the bottom of our thread.

Hey! :blush:

Gratz on the progress! I totally get the social anxiety, big groups or lots of new people turn me into a bit of a shrinking violet as well. But Strange Loop are super welcoming and understanding of that!

It’s a relatively small group who like chatting and hanging out, most of whom were all new to each other as the guild started as a reroll project for new and returning players. The guild is less than a year old and we do raid but are working on expanding our number of active raiders.

Raids are Saturday and Sunday 21-23ST, it’s purposely a bit later on the weekends as our raid leader is also a uni student. We know people have lives outside of WoW, and are happy to flex with that. No pressure :blush:

It is English speaking and we like doing weekly old content runs to WoD/Legion raids for mogs and mounts etc! So you’d be more than welcome to come with, likely to be a small crew too so less stress on your anxiety, hopefully :smile:

If that sounds good or you have questions, add me! My btag is Desiderata#2592

Hey Avly :slight_smile:
I’m the GM in a guild called Fruit Vendor on Draenor. We’re currently trying to build up a roster for Mythic Ny’alotha.
We’re not a big guild, but a few of us hang out on discord daily so you can hop on there with us or you can just chat with us in game :slight_smile:
We raid twice a week, thursdays and sundays, and tuesdays we do BoD Mythic runs to try and get everyone the Jaina mount and some transmog. We also do m+ on the side.
If this sounds like something you’d like add my battletag Christine#21841
Hope to hear from you :slight_smile:

Hey, check this thread, and if you like it, message me on bnet :smiley:

Hello, good people of Azeroth and beyond. We hope you’re doing well in these riddled times where Uncle Corona has come over for a visit and forced people to stay home.

< Its A Cultural Thing > on Draenor is recruiting for Shadowlands primarily, but also for this raid tier.

About us

We’re a newly found guild that’s taking recruitment slowly to build up the right playerbase with the right mentality towards progress and have similar and likeminded goals as ours. Our ambitions for Shadowlands are world top 500 ranking and in order to obtain that, certain things are needed and required of us on a 3 night raid schedule. You can expect us spending countless hours outside of raids to prepare properly with classes, specs, tactics, spreadsheets and so on for each raid night. Our philosophy is mechanics over big numbers and that you provide feedback where feedback is due. This newly found guild is formed by current mythic raiders of other guilds with high-end experience from past raids as well as Ny’alotha.

For the time being until Shadowlands, we clear Heroic Ny’alotha on friday nights.

Raid times

  • Wednesday

  • Sunday

  • Monday (First 4 weeks of Mythic, after these weeks, this will become optional heroic nights for alts)

  • 20:30 - 23:00

What we expect from you

  • Come prepared tactically and do your own research as well as testing raids during PTR cycles
  • Come with all mandatory buffs such as food, flasks and potions.
  • Be equipped with best enchants and gems
  • Hard-skinned as we do have a lot of banter
  • During progress, you might be asked to play one of your alts for the sake of progress.
  • A working headset with microphone and willingness to speak as communication is key for progression.

What you can expect from us

  • A good and stable roster with focus on best possible gameplay
  • Lots of banter
  • Criticism where criticism is due
  • Calm and relaxed environment
  • A long standing officer team that’s played together for several years
  • Professional attitude and atmosphere towards progression

Any other information or questions, make sure to drop by our Discord for a chat.

Hello Avly

Please add me on and we can have a chat! Rhys#21669

Looking forward to chatting and hearing from you :D!