Hello everyone, I want to post a complaint about Blizzard for inaction with explicit bots in the game. On the Ashbringer server in the Burning Stepps location, the rogue are running and collecting herbs (black lotus, dreamfoil and mountain silverage), this is a full-fledged bot that plays constantly, many reports have already been sent to it from players who also run in this zone. Blizzard doesn’t care what happens on the servers?

Can I publish a link to YouTube according to the forum rules? where you can see how I run 3 full circles after the bot and in this video its route will be clear.

You can’t name and shame, even if it’s true.


Please don’t name and shame, no matter the circumstances, such is against the forum rules:

If you suspect persons in-game are doing something that is in breach of our in-game policies, then please use the in-game report option to report that player.

This will generate a report for our Customer Support team to investigate.