Brewmaster Monk looking for M+ and HC Raiding Guild

Infos in the title!

Am a 202 ilvl BRM monk looking for a half casual / half serious guild to do content with. I’ve mostly been pugging +9’s and +8’s but would love to work on up to +15’s with a decent group of people.

My schedule is pretty variable so it’s hard for me to commit to dedicated times in advance, not impossible but sometimes tricky.

Been playing since classic on and off in various roles and classes, but have fallen in love with my monk and plan on maining her for the time being.

Hello Khealia! I am from “Higher Learning”. It is a newly found guild looking to create a friendly community aimed at semi-hardcore raiding.
The founders are WoW players with many years of game and semi-hardcore raiding experience.
The raids will start soon as we have enough people to form a group. Estimated raid 2 times a week at 18-19h to 21-22h on (Mon)/Wen/Thu/(Sun).
If you hesitate joining a newly formed guild, we perhaps can keep your contact, and return to you as soon as we have some numbers that are interested. It is understandable not to be ready to dedicate yourself into a nothing-ness.
If you are interested, please contact me via BN Lawura#2369 or apply to “Higher Learning” via guild search.

Hey dude, this is our short post.

We’re quite fast on progress, hate pugging and looking for a decent tank.


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