Bring back the good old days of Instance/dungeon runs

I have come back to WOW after a 12yr break. I miss the old days where a tank would ask is everyone ready and wait for everyone to collect from kills then move on. From what I have seen it’s all a smash and grab just for loot and leave people behind and rush ahead. Not cool. It’s a group/Team run doesn’t matter if you aren’t in the same guild. You are all there for the same thing. Maybe i have been gone too long!

Yes and that thing is to beat dungeon in time and as fast as possible ( at least in m+ ) so people kinda decided to not have ready check and smoke breaks every other pull because its realy stupid, takes time, and it isnt neccesary .

If u die for whatever reason u release and run unless u know release point is too far away or group is already done with pack. No point to wait after every pack , this isnt classic when your whole group is oom after 5 mobs .

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The world has changed in 12 years. Who’d have thunk it huh?

12 years ago people were still amazed you can speak to people from somewhere else over the interwebs, let alone in a game. We’re now past that and want to get down to business. I’m not saying its right but your post is just one of those “in my day” stories that old farts tell.

Sure Gramps, the world was better without plumbing, medicine and electricity.

Typical Millennial reply. This is issue there are those of us who are NOT kids and do enjoy playing.

Im not a millenial.

Typical derp assumtions on the internet reply.

The world has changed was the point you missed in your little angry rant.

Except 12 years ago people were not amazed at international online communication - it was old hat by then even.

By enjoying playing u mean ready check before each pull ?

Yea i enjoy playing in different way, you know, where i actualy play

I too came back after 12 years , but I dont want the old days back. M+ affix and scaling is a nice way to test myself as a healer.

I would n’t want to waste hours in Blackrock Depths or Wailing caverns at this point in my life. M+ takes from 30 mins to 45 minutes.

Sure there is less socializing in party chat now, but I believe friendly guilds are for that

If tank wold ask me if I am ready after pull more then 1 time ( even 1 is to much ) i woud get a incredible desier to kick him

Wait till you get DH tank,who forgets he is in the group,and goes to kill stuff solo complaining ‘‘where the F. are you’’

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