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This was available soon as the prepurchase was. I bought 2 like a few days after. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No. Pandaren Druid would be 熊貓熊貓. Not ok.

Eh, Pandaren Druid forms should be based of the celestials, making “bear” into an ox.

Which funny enough would make the game have cow people turning into bears, and bears turn into cows.

Also a funny thing i noticed while studing japanese… The japanese/chinese word for thing 物 is literally “Cow Not”.

I still don’t like it. It’s not part of the culture.

Even mage is actually a little suspect, but they are part of the Shado’Pan and picked it up from ancient books left by the ancient mogu empires.

But Druid is definitely a no imo. I mean they’ll probably add it anyway, but I don’t like it personally.

This is because of Chinese.

In Mandarin and many other sinitic languages, these Chinese characters make a lot more sense because they are made for that language.

When you have something very abstract, rather than try to draw it, you use the pictophonetic method. Half get character is what it sounds like, the other half is what it has something to do with.

勿 is pronounced wu. So is 物. In Chinese, that character generally means a thing that is an animal. First animal they came to think is was apparently an ox, so there you go.

In Japanese it all sounds completely different and the logic goes out the window.

Well not completely out the window seeing how it largely kept it’s meaning.

Though still, Japanese is a strange mess of a language. On one hand it’s kinda like our european ones with our alphabets compared to their katakana/hiragana… Aaaaand then you throw in the chinese loan words.

No stranger than English. They imported romance words by the tens of thousands and letters yet the grammar and all the most basic words are north or west Germanic.

What makes Japanese strange is the way they implemented the Chinese characters. They don’t need them either - there have been multiple periods where they have used only hiragana. Even in recent times - for example a GameBoy couldn’t load ask these characters, so they just used hiragana and katakana with spacing.

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Was kinda what i meant. Like it would be like english, but half of the words and sentences was pictures.

Still, strange none of their leaders pulled a Korean and codified a system without Chinese influence.

Oh, quick lookup and Korea actually kept the chinese characters around until 1970ish.

I pointed out that you have played less than 1/4 of the game its not an attack just pointing out facts.

yet calling me and others

its not an attack in your view? ironic is it not.

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