Buff Avenging Crusader on Holy Paladin again please (It's not what you think)

And by that I don’t mean the healing output. I mean the resource consumption for Crusader Strike, Judgement and Hammer of Wrath.

I think it would passively benefit Avenging Crusader as a healing-based playstyle for Holy Paladin, if while Avenging Crusader is active, Crusader Strike/Judgement/Hammer of Wrath all consume no Mana to cast. And only during the wings being active.

It doesn’t make Holy Paladin any bit more powerful compared to other healers. It merely reduces the already-high mana consumption for that playstyle, since it requires to be a more active in combat than usual.

How does an ability that negates the recent nerfs not make it more powerful.

The nerfs were already basically useless by themselves, we don’t need to buff them again.

I understand healing in lower keys is frustrating because tanks do not look at your mana bar, but hpal does NOT have big mana issues currently, and practically 0 if you’re geared properly.

If you oom on a paladin you are not playing right, that and the rest of your team is bad and getting hit by avoidable damage.

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The recent nerfs were about healing output (how strong the healing is) and Tyr’s Deliverance, not the mana costs in general (only in PvP).

You can read it up here.

It does. I have it every time I play a Mythic key. In the +18 - +20 range. Not lower keys. I am not playing there anymore. I have moved on from that key level 2 weeks ago.

Define “playing right”. If “playing right” means for you the definition to play Daybreak talent row and nothing else, that is not playing right. That’s playing the Meta. And a game should never be driven by a Meta in such generic endgame content as M+, because it kills variety of play styles. Not even in Mythic Raids it should be required to play a certain way to beat a challenge. That makes an RPG just linear and boring.

There you go spouting nonsense again, if you oom playing any holy build it is you or team nothing more. Also the fact you are not healing high keys so how are you ooming at all unless doing silly huge pulls every time.

I checked your rio all recent dungeons have been healed by a priest and you are being boosted by people in 446 avg gear.

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Oh sorry, but I do recall you mentioning that mana consumption is one of your main troubles with playing hpal in m+, but mana really isn’t an actual issue that hpal has.

I guess you ignored all the keys I did heal in that range…

  • Uldaman +18 Fortified Healer - 6 days ago
  • Uldaman +19 Fortified Healer - 7 days ago
  • Freehold + 18 Fortified Healer - 6 days ago
  • Freehold + 20 Tyrannical Healer - 10 days ago (depleted - Was completion run for testing the waters)

Selective reading, I guess.

Because 1.) I don’t want to play always the healer, 2.) My buddy playing with me wanted to play the healer to test his new trinket from the Raid, 3.) you can’t really count PUG players with high ilvl as “a boost”. A boost would be paying someone or requesting aid to play with someone gradually lower like 400 ilvl or so. Not someone that is on activity level.

And let’s be honest, even if I would be 446 myself, even if I would be in Top 500 worldwide in the M+ leaderboards, you would still :poop: on me, simply because it entertains you and because you have no respect for others in general. Let’s not try to delude ourselfs. You know exactly that you would it anyways, no matter how good a person is at a game (that still doesn’t matters to have an opinion about something).

I said I run regularly out of mana. It isn’t that much of a problem tho, because I use items to compensate. It would be a problem if it would prevent me from timing keys, which it doesn’t.

Also, I tell you the same as the other guy in the other thread. Show video proof or I won’t believe you guys claiming this.

You were still boosted by guild mates so i guess you missed that :slight_smile:

no infact i do respect others just not you.

4 keys btw from countless others you have been boosted in. Fact still remains if you have mana issues with holy with any talents its you and your team.

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Look at ellesmere running 29s not even dropping below 60% mana sometimes, can just look through the vods :+1:

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I suggest you watch this player


You have no idea about high keys and 16-20 are mid keys.

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AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Now you target my guild mates? I guess even if I would play with complete strangers I don’t know and never have met before, you would still claim I am boosted.

Clearly. Who could have guessed? :eye: :lips: :eye:

Shame this forum doesn’t allow to mute profiles that are tagged as private, otherwise I would put you on my mute list.

Maybe for you and other perfectionists with little to no hobbies outside of this game. At +20 rewards make no difference anymore, so that’s the high end for the players caring about loot. Have fun caring about your numbers that don’t matter to regular people other than yourself.

It does , i guess you just do not know how to use the forums like you do not know how to heal :slight_smile:

I do , i play other games and work :slight_smile: have a really rich life i just do not pretend to speak about things i have little experince with like you do.

Hint for you, use search option on forums

:lock: How To Block Someone: Step-By-Step - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

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Oh yeah, another sign of Blizzards incompetence to design a good website. Why does someone have to do extra steps for the same function, instead of just displaying the function the same way as on not-private profiles.

God, this community and company, I swear…

To be fair its all in the rules to search for stuff :slight_smile:

Welcome, Please Read! - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

" :mag: Search

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Anyhow i would respect you more if you actually did high end and made valid complaints and i would back you up but ypu refuse to believe me and Sillybug and a few others in other threads that holy pala has no issue’s with all talents.

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