Bug quest "Blood on the Sand"

Hi I share with you the same problem after reading this post :

I met the same problem of my side. To unblock the achievement “Ready for War” I’m blocked at the quest “Blood on the Sand”. I confirm you the Foothold’s quest have been finished to unblock the achievement.

After having read the post I see the issue is always existing from almost 1 month
Do you know if the problem has been resolved or if it is always existing ? That really sad do not get the new race because the quest’s bug.

Could you please helps us ?

I’m the creator of this post. I post it with the wrong character. I specify I started the quest with my character level 60

Hi Poïko and Sérénity,

“Blood on the Sands” seems to have been causing a heap of confusion since SL pre-patch, and I’ve been able to help a couple of players on the forums with the same question through the steps below, so give this a try:

  1. Check with Halford Wyrmbane in Boralus and see if he offers you “Uniting Kul Tiras”.
  2. If he does, great! Hand in the quest and you should be able to continue the war campaign (keep in mind, Uniting the Isles requires you to be friendly with the 3 core factions of Kul Tiras).
  3. If Halford doesn’t offer you the quest (which is pretty likely), head to the Earthen Guardian also in Boralus and do whatever quest he offers you (I believe it isbe called “The Heart of Azeroth”). It’s usually a quick turn-in for Silithus, so doesn’t take any time, and after that, go back to step 1 since Halford should now offer you the quest “Uniting Kul’Tiras”, after which you can continue the war campaign.

The reason for the above is that the war campaign requires you to have the Heart of Azeroth unlocked on your character, which nowadays isn’t part of your normal progress anymore and is often missed if you go back do the BfA storyline retroactively.

Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:


Hi Kerrosh,

Indeed the quest to the Earthen Guardian hadn’t been completed. That’s why I couldn’t see Uniting Kul Tiras propose by Halford Wyrmane. So this was the choice 3 to help me at resolve the issue.

Thank a lot to help us for this quest. I share with everyone your answer.


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