BUG: Recraft recipe difficulty after patch 10.0.5

Have faced this bug dozens of time. And every time I need to explain another player why he/she should decrease the minimum quality requirement. Needless to say that it’s frustrating and sounds like a scam for someone. OP described everything exactly what I experience, kudos for that.
Please fix this.

Dear blizzard, please fix this - I cant get clients to trust me in, that I can prog T5, but they cant have minimum crafts as T4…

5 weeks now. The bug is still not fixed.

it’s not a bug it’s a feature ™ - Todd Howard Microsoft Rep

Confirm, tired to ask to place with rank3 requirement, but anyway 100% rank4 crafted if not procs.

It’s just a visual UI bug. I had it with an item I upgraded yesterday, but I ignored it and crafted the item, and got R4 first try with R5 inspo proc on second try, exactly as it should have shown in the UI.

Yes, it’s just a visual bug. But it affects the min quality of the crafting order. If the customer set min quality 4, and the visual bug display that a rank 3 item would be crafted without inspiration, the game client won’t allow the player to craft the item, even when the item would be crafted with min quality 4 as requested.

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i hate this new crafting system its pathetic attempt to alienate most of players from profesions and boost token sales. make a seller market intoa consumer market

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I don’t even set a minimum quality for personal crafting orders. When you’re relying on an inspo proc, and multiple attempts, to achieve R5, it isn’t possible to set the required quality in any case. I haven’t had anyone scam me.

(Not saying there aren’t scammers out there. I’m sure they are, but I’m also sure they’re few and far between because getting repeat orders and recommendations is a far easier way to make gold than spending your days spamming trade chat.)

Many of my customers just trust and send me orders without min quality. But some do and it’s their right, I don’t blame them if they don’t trust a random stranger from trade chat.

For example I could be a low level who wants to get first craft bonus or +3 skill up on my profession. By making min quality to 4, they are assured that if I can guarantee rank 4 without inspiration, I can make rank 5 with inspiration.

When customer ask me what min quality to set, I tell them rank 4 (or in some cases rank 5) to give them the assurance I am not a scammer who would take their gold and mats and craft a rank 2 item.

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It’s fixed in 10.0.7

  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect difficulty for recrafting order with changed optional reagents.
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Still seems bugged.

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