[BUG] The Hivemind Mount

You know The Hivemind is a secret mount that is the first 5 person mount in World of Warcraft i.t’s too hard to do . And Hivemind mount only works with the people you unlocked it with .isolated to the character that did the quest line and the other 4 you did it with. And can mine on the Hivemind mount. (while mounted).

There was no problem until yesterday.and it was working properly.
Until yesterday, other passengers can mining while mounted with Hivemind Mount. But Today ; It gives an red message that you are mounted. and cannot be mining. This very difficult to do secred mount had this feature from the beginning, just like druids could herb… It hasn’t been possible since last night. This bug an annoying situation.

(This screenshot by the passenger on Hivemind. not the driver.)

Hello Joce,
I was sorry to hear that you encountered a bug with the Hivemind mount. These are not reported through the forums. You can do that from in-game:

this bug persists

I’ve already done this; :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
I also submitted a support ticket for this and got a response from there like this:

Ticket Number: EU82150613

" If you think that is a bug, I advise you to report it on our forum: https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/
Thank you for your patience and understanding, feel free to contact us again anytime. We will always be here for you all we can! Have a great day ahead of you!"



and Game Master directed me here… :thinking:

Edit: It’s confirmed to be hotfixed as an “intended change” see MVP Shammoz’s post below.

What Xochthu meant is to report this through the ingame bug report system (not a GM ticket)

To this big Anub’Arak icon.

Yes but ; GM said that :slight_smile:

I advise you to report it on our forum…

And ; I was referred here by the GM…
And I saw other opened bug topics in the forum and… If if it wasn’t, then it wouldn’t have been can post here, anyways submitted the issue in the said ingame-report, Thank for support.

This is listed in the hotfixes as an Intended change (likely to combat bot gatherers).

Items and Rewards

  • Fixed an issue where passengers were able to gather unintentionally while riding on a multi-passenger mount.
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