Bug Vashj`ir

Hello, I was traveling to Vashj`ir to do my quest: Into Coaxing Tides, I arrive there and everything around me was empty, I couldn’t see my character either or other NPC. I jumped in the Abyssal Depths and there the same I could not see my character.

I reported already the bug in-game.

But, is still happening.

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I’m not familiar with the quest, so i may be wrong here (in which case im sure someone else will provide a better answer), but:

Vashjir (just like some other Cataclysm zones, makes heavy use of phasing.

The basic idea of the zone is: you get a few quests, a few followups and then the area you were in phases entirely (because you saved the day), it will spawn lots of friendly mobs in caves that used to be empty, it might spawn a flightmaster with a flight path, etc. At that point ,you start getting quests to go to the next area where a similar process begins.

I see that the quest you’re on starts in Uldum (so its not part of the normal vash questline).

It’s likely that the turn in npc simply isnt present for you because you haven’t unlocked that valley yet, you haven’t progressed far enough in vashjir.

Mhm, I don’t know really, is strange.

I will leave it like this,maybe later on will appear.

The problem is the NPC are there but invisible. How is possible not even my character shows up.

Good point, somehow that didn’t register for me the first time.

Looking at wowhead comments, it seems to indeed be bugged:

I’m not sure if you reported it as a “bug report”, or if you made a “support ticket”, but if it was the former then it sounds like you should make a support ticket.

Hey Lexurian,

The quest is from the Elemental Bonds part of the questline, with Thrall, and it seems that it’s phasing heavily depends, on the progress that your character has in the Vashj’ir questline.

I would highly suggest that you contact our in-game support, for this to be fixed for your character!

This happened to me as well with horde chars a few days ago.

I was just exploring the map zone after getting the vashir mount and a few quests from the first cave, and when i entered the Abyssal reach everything disappeared. It only stopped when i got out of promontiory point, because that zone was suffering from the same bug as well.

I haven’t gone there again yet. Might still go after to see if the bug still remains. I still need two levels on two alts to get to 90.

Now is done, all the NPC are there and I did the quest. Thanks to everyone!

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