Bugfix for Battle for Azeroth Level-up Dungeons

Along with the players who reported this, we found a bug causing enemies in Battle for Azeroth dungeons to scale well beyond their intended difficulty.

With scheduled realm maintenance on Wednesday, we will deploy a fix for the bug and the difficulty of the affected dungeons should become very similar to that of Chromie Time leveling dungeons.

To everyone who reported the state of BFA dungeons: thank you very much.

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Thanks for the fix, it will be much appreciated.

Hey! Can you look into the issue of Chromie time dungeons not working when a char hits level 50 (level 50-59)? As soon as that happens, most dungeons (every dungeon that’s not available at level 10) are suddenly not shown in the dungeon finder anymore. Would be much appreciated.

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Is there a bug fix for the dungeon finder coming?
Currently if you are level 60 you CANNOT see shadowlands dungeons even though they are completely level appropriate?

I don’t have Dragonflight as of yet I want to complete other content. It’s frustrating it’s still not fixed and appear to have been rolling on a few months on a search?

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