Building Azeroth: The Wrathgate

Building Azeroth: The Wrathgate

In our third episode of Building Azeroth, discover more about the Wrathgate In-Game Cinematic and how it changed the future of storytelling in WoW.

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One of the epic cinematic done by blizzard employees.

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everyone who worked on this polly already gone

well the guy in the video is still there so no ?

but yeah this looked like it would of been a lot of fun to work on at the time.

i used to make similar videos in half-life back in the day with a group of friends.

i almost cried after seein this video for the first time. i still i have goose bumps today

i woudnt go that far… but it was a good cinematic for it’s time using in game features…

i remember Kotaku??? was a pretty big thing back then …

people making paraody videos of games using in game features…

whatever happened to kotaku ?

was it called kotaku ??? i can’t remember definitely started with a K

EDIT: they pretty much dominated youtube in the early 2000’s

That’s how Terran Gregory who narrates this video started, making machinima before he joined Blizzard.

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