Burning Crusade Classic Hotfixes – Updated 22 June

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Getting updates pushed a few times a day now. Any notes on what they are ?

Very nice!

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just here for logs. sorry:D

just for logs:D

Just for logs xD

Good story, now when do you guys start addressing the server issues?

Could you please remove carets from minimap, fix swing timer, make all lamp posts hiss and mend a zillion other stupid and irritating bugs?

im only writing this so that i can set up the dumb logs

just for logs

MAY 9, 2022

Burning Crusade Classic

  • Dungeons and Raids
    • Black Temple
      • [With realm restarts] Defeating the Shade of Akama encounter will unlock the door to the Den of Mortal Delights.

Here is today’s hotfix for Burning Crusade Classic:

JUNE 6, 2022

Burning Crusade Classic

  • Fixed an issue where Seal of the Martyr and Seal of Blood were not properly discounted by Libram of Hope.

Why don’t you fix the priest fear bug?

JUNE 8, 2022

Burning Crusade Classic

  • Fixed an issue with Shifting Naaru Sliver where players standing close together could affect the duration of the effect from each other’s trinkets.

Here is the upcoming hotfix to Burning Crusade Classic:

JUNE 22, 2022

Burning Crusade Classic

  • [With realm restarts] To address a bug that prevented Midsummer Fire Festival bonfire quests from resetting for players who previously completed them, all Midsummer bonfire quests will be reset. This includes any yearly quests that players might have completed for the first time since the event began at 12:01 a.m. on June 21.
    • Developers’ note: This fix requires that we restart all realms, so to get the fix applied as soon as possible, we’re preforming realm restarts soon during off-peak hours in each region.