Burning Crusade Classic Phase 3 Release Schedule

Burning Crusade Classic Phase 3 Release Schedule

The Black Temple beckons, hero. The next Burning Crusade Classic content update is just around the corner!

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Edit: posted on the correct board this time. Cool beans.

Make name changes available for 10 euro please (tbc classic)


Release times? Again we only get a date but no times+time zones. Is it out for raid times on the 27th for normal eu times, or is this another “releases at 23.00” release.
How can we need to ask for this clarification every time. Can we for the love of god please have a learning curve.


Come to Brazil!

Very much this …

allthese dog RM players in shambles now without belt

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What time?

Nah thanks :smiley:

And all theses shaman that are going to die in first kidney now.

When is PTR going to end?

shaman doesnt wear belt

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Thanks for the announcement.
Glad to see the communication regarding that at least is good enough still.

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About the Mount Hyjal attunment.
Now it says you need revered to pick up the quest.
For those who got the quest shared and are not revered with Keepers of Time.
But have completed the Vials of Eternity questline.
Will we be able to enter Mount Hyjal?

I picked this quest up on my alt lock last week who is still honored with KoT (picked it up myself, did not get it shared) - so basically, it was available for pick up even as honored, not only as revered. Therefore, I would presume as long as you complete it, you will be able to enter Hyjal, regardless of KoT status, as Hyjal is not ‘heroic’ related.

No belt benefits RM

No skull benefits RM

Can we have the EXACT TIME the raids open PLS THX

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Noggenfogger needs transfers!


Thursday night/Friday morning release confirmed by one of the devs.
Any guilds that raid on Wed/Thur (or worse, both) are really screwed, likewise in NA for Tue/Wed guilds. Blizz is really ruining release for probably a majority of the playebase just so they can force a global release with China, for what? World first race? I doubt many people care that much about it.

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hello bit more empathy please?
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