Burning Crusade Classic Season 4 Ends August 30

If I remember correctly, the usual formula is 10 honor points for 1 arena point.

Can you give us the pricelist for season 4 items once they have been converted to honor please? What will happen with people currently capped at 75,000 or close to cap who have unspent arena points at the end of the season?

Same thing that happens to all honor earned after reaching the cap I guess.

Kaivax, is there any possibility of NOT disabling Skirmish after season ends? 4 week pre-patch without any arenas is going to be really rough on us arena junkies (and also arena streamers).
Is there any good reason why Skirmishes are disabled off-season? I never quite understood that.

To be precise - as far as I remember, you can queue up, but the queue will never pop.

Can you devs give new players 200% exp bonus ?

If you dont have a level 70 on any server, your bonus exp for your highest character will be 200%, else 50%.

If by any chance Blizzard want to do this, then they have to either increase the honor cap limit or give us a period to spend the arena points, before converting the rest to honor…
They are literally screwing ppl who farmed honor and arena points for week and weeks. Why didn’t they announce this new method before, or why didn’t they do it like they did it before :frowning:
So sad…

I’m sorry, but what new method do You mean? Converting arena points to honor at the end of season has been a thing since S1:
Or did You mean previous season being sold for honor instead of discounted arena points?

Lol so spend ur points right now if ur capped, what the deal ? No discount at the end of the season lol, not big deal and it wasnt a thing on real tbc.
Anyway main parts s4 gonna coast-15k honor,shoulders-13. Two handers 28k i think.

15k for main parts
13k shoulders
12 gloves
19k main hands for meele
28-29k two handers.
Saw that on stream from test realm, Scottejaye last video on youtube.

Does this mean Arena Points are being awarded during maintenance, at the end of this week w/c 25/08/2022? Or are no extra points given?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Can we better do Concerted Efforts now, or save our marks and convert them in single marks during the prepatch?

“(23:59 CEST) on August 30.” well that was just a straight up lie wasnt it.

@kaivax Season just ended in EU, two hours early!!

Why the fudge did you end 2 hours early?

“In this region, Season 4 will end at 22:00 UTC (23:59 CEST) on August 30.”

How does it feel being this level of incompetent when it comes to providing information

Why type 22:00 UTC and then don’t stick to it? I didn’t get any points cause of this because we had planned to play at 22.

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Boohoo they end a bit early on the freaaking patch day. cry me a river.

It is incredible how incompetent a multi-dollar company can be, first ending the season like on retail, now saying that it ends at 23:59 CEST and ending 2 hours prior… This is plain stupid…

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just lost out on all the honor, our team was in the middle of doing our weekly 10 when the season closed early, we had done 8/10 so far…

blizzard is straight up lying to the community here