Can DK Gets a Rework so it also Good for M+?!

I pushed to 3.4 rio as Bdk so I think I understand the class a bit to complain.
first of all the whole class is a mess for M+ since we bring nothing to the table for M+ , Grips literaly have no value , Amz is very bad at 20% for M+ and the whole class Design is bad for M+
Bdk designs around taking dmg and healing it back and it works for raiding but for M+ its another story its like Infinite scaling but it gets to a point that you gets the dmg and you die and you cant react to anything also your Blood shield is caped on your max hp so its also another weak point they removed our DRW extending ability and they give us talents to boost our mastery but when Bloodshield is caped around your max HP its not working at some point and after you enter some keys you feel like your gona get heartattack every pull sadly.
Dps Dks both Unholy and frost is just bad the whole design is around raid and they suffer so much as soon as they want to play M+ sadly so you cant find many dps dks in keys since no one will take them anyway sadly.
like we are at a point that i feel the whole class design is so outdated compare to other class that got Rework like dh mage rouge or paladin and such
I wish we gets a complete fresh rework and they also give us some tools to be Good in M+ and not design the class around Raiding Only.


dont you worry, rogues, mages, palas andmroe will get another rewoek in The war Within, paladins for sure, given Savix ability to get the devs to listen with his loud paladin community members.
we got nothing like that and will never have, if Dk was removed from this game no one would notice


Yeah i tell people to unite against firm for rework for dk or at least for more flexibility cleave not like with Death and Decay.But it seems all people given up.Hope they will read here and rework or remove class from game and we are be free :slight_smile:

The real problem is our class is so outdated like everyone playing with new version of their class but for us its like we stuck in Legion design sadly.

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We Hope… Joking aside…

I dont understand why DK are complaining about there damage… On the DPS score list both of your specs are scoring higher than most classes out there… Even scoring higher than a Ret, Shadow Priest, Arcane Mage… Your almost on par with Balance, Survival and Destruction Lock… Your Blood spec is the most OP tanking spec in the game, soing Mythic +20-25`s…
The class is performing realy realy well… I dont get why so many DKs are having problems… Are you wanting to be OP so you can press less buttons??. I love to know…

Problem is not damage.Actually damage already good then they buffed damage again.Problem is their cleave damage.Mobs have to stay static and you cant do cleave or aoe damage while moving with Death and Decay skill.All melee characters doing aoe and cleave damage.They dont have to stay inside zone for aoe attack.But Frost dk for example have to stay inside and tank have to not move mobs while this happening and it is annoying for all party.People complain because solution is simple but they are not solve.

I am not going to go into super detail, merely the tip of the ice berg because a paladin that has had 2+ rework sweeps at this point to understand.
while your points reek of exxaggeration to make it carry more weight it -is- true that Death knight as a whole has had few really bad patches and expansions, i would argue that the reign of BoS In legion, and then BfA was the worst, but thats just me.

The greasy wheel gets the grease, and the only way blizzard can “detect” that sound is if they see it on twitter/twitch/youtube by a creator, example Savix and the Mcconnel paladin mafia, or their data shows extreme poor perfromance without any gimmick like raidbuff utility and more.

the issue is that DK problems are super unseen, they dont show up in DPS logs, or data spreadsheets, and the real issues can never be put forward because we have NO ONE with the gravitas to bring them to light, i dont think you understand just how cursed the existence of being the “middle child” is, the favorite child gets prefernetial treatment all the time, mages rogues and such, the neglected last child is usually treated so badly that somehow their issues gets puts forth to be looked at when it becomes to much, paladin Rework and more.

being a DK means being stuck with what we have had for atleast 8 years of patch cycles, with minor additions in between, we are the unseen, uncared for, middle child, with little attention on us due to everyting else around us taking all the attention. Our damage, tanking, and general hard stats are not bad. BUT… there lies the issue, if you have to play this class, get a real feel for the specs over an entire expansion, no quitting

you will see why we say what we say, Unholy has damage, master damage in AoE and raid encounters. to achiueve that damage i dont think you realize the amount of work, buttons and supremely annoying juggling of debuffs, buffs, pets, procs, and button sequence presses that needs to be done, i can assure you thatif the retardely easy BM hunter has it like this, the spoiled devs at blizz hq would change it within two days, i cant speak for Demonolgy warlocks but i guess their spec is not even half as busy and long windup annoying to play as Unholy DK.

Then there is frost. The frost enjoyer is a simple man or woman, i am among them (sus), while it is true that frost has on paper differing playstyles, its not really a choice of what weapon to pick top influence your playstyle, you go obliteration? two handed. you go boS? dual wield. it’s a very simple choice with little thought put into it, if unholy is to much busywork and mechanics, Frost is to little, while also having the oldest archaic design stapled on it from legacy Legion, talents and gameplay (who uses inexorable assault? come on, or even cold heart, the PvP nerf IS STILL IN EFFECT after 8 years)
But on paper frost has damage, good damage in PvE, good cleave with the fored push for death and decay obliterate cleaves, but it is SO STUPIDly designed, keeping it on remorseless winter is a clear choice, but as i said, we are middle child so devs dont know HOW THE CLASS PLAYS at all, as unholy it feels Wrong and awkward.
plus the pillar window is very unforgiving should you fail to maximize it, in PvE, PvP you get CC’s immideatly by people with good addonds and reactions.

Blood tanking is wonky, the first 5 seconds of a trashpull is when you brick the key or you live through the insane damage by Death strike cheese, while also having to juggle bone charges that is very hard to keep track of when they’ll fall off due to timing out if not new ones are added after 30 seconds, normally you do this by default since you see how many you have on the marrowrend button, but against caster bosses that do not hit you you will often have to build up 10 bones again since you forgot that they needed refreshing since they never where removed. and given that many of our talents works on keeping bone shield charges, or removing it ,it creates anti synergy as is staple for DK at this point, there is also little choice in what extra abilites to pick as blood tank, Consumption is a joke to what it was in Legion, same with Blood drinker.

All in all, the issues ive highlighted here are just the tip of the iceberg, the second we have underperformed by blizzards spreadsheets and data we have gotten numbers buff, that do nothing to the internal workings of the class, fresh paint on rotten cores.

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First of all its not about the dmg meteer but its about enjoying the spec you play we dont want to be op in dps chars the thing is the design of DK is so old compare to other class and it has many problems and thats why you cant find much dks in Mythic + and such since unlike raid their useless there.
the thing you mentioned is the root of probelm we dont want to solo 20+ 25+ keys which we cant really do a 25+ key alone btw just saying we want to be balance class
what i mean by balance is like i can tank 27 or 28+ key with Vdh so easy and the moment i play with Dk its so out of control cuz the content is out scale your class
our talent tree is huge mess and there is not many choice there too
and Bdk is the best one since frost and Unholy are literally garbage specs for M+ and you can check it in raider io their numbers in keys are so low since their design is so bad out side of MDI which is a meme
we dont want to be Op but we want to be competetive and functional and also fun
it is not fun to have a Heart attack as soon as we go into a fortiefied pull since the dmg become so high that we cant do any reaction to it.
this design of Dk belongs to Legion and i really think we had enough of it like even if they make Dk first dps in raid no one wants to play it since its just not fun to play with this design anymore.

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Sorry I misread…

All good just saying again problem is not dps.Problem is making dps because you have to stay inside circle for make cleave damage.They need rework about that and they increase their damage instead change their cleave play style.Their damage already high but they buffed their damage.I am talking about Frost of course.Blood already very strong for me and still playing.

no /10char

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