Can we get actual world content?

I was so hopeful for 10.2 to shake up things a bit, but it looks like it’s going to be another patch of raid/m+/pvp(LOL) plus the usual reskin of the timeless isle.

Could we please get something new?

P.S not another reskin of the legion assaults ty.


It depends on what you consider content.

yeah, more throwaway content in the new zone. this formula is stale. they should have gotten the message with the failure of zaralek, instead they’re doubling down on this. they need to step up their game when it comes to world content because wow looks kinda barebones after removing the “chores” .

Edit: what do i consider content? Mage tower, brawler’s guild, torghast (without the chores), player housing, something like eureka in ffxiv. things like that


This sounds a bit like the Siege event. I assume it’s on a timer, every hour or something.
These events are fine once a week I suppose. I’m assuming we get 500 rep and a loot box.

This sounds new.
Are these seeds a group activity where we all plant these things and then we can all just loot whatever grows? Or do plant our own individual seeds (a bit like the ones in the Druid Order hall)?
I assume we plant them and then they grow overnight, or will it take them 3 days to grow?
Let’s see, at least it’s not a rehash of a Siege or a Rift.

Im not expecting good things from 10.2 from what weve been shown.

Looks like its going to be pretty empty with an event that gets ignored after a few weeks again.

But 10.1.5 shocked me by being pretty decent.
So im willing to give 10.2 the benefit of the doubt for now.


There’s not a lack of world content.

There’s a lack of worthwhile, enduring world content.
There’s a lack of worthwhile solo world content.

Less throw away group content please. More of the above types of content.


They could learn from Mage Tower, Visions and Torghast then implement something like that.

Torghast had some good features.
Flexible group size (including solo).
Graduating difficulty, starting pretty easy but building up.
Varying layouts each time (sort of).

Just remove the timer and scoring at the lower levels at least, have these for achievements or titles at max difficulty.
Have no currencies to farm to enter, no weekly limits, no chores.
Don’t worry if it’s crazy easy on BDK and not quite so easy on Disc Priest. Just let it go wild with crazy powers for the lower levels at least. Maybe the achievements at max level need to be more balanced.

I didn’t do Visions that much due to Timer and the fact that I had to farm a currency to get in there and there was a high chance of failure.
I stopped with Torghast when they added the timer.
I never did Mage Tower as there was only one difficult, Hard AF.


This was my issue with it as well which stopped me doing it that much.
It did not feel good to grind out currency for several days, just to lose and get nothing.

If you didnt need to pay to get in, i would have done it a lot more as failure wouldnt be a big deal.


Make sure it rewards mythic raid level gear too


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Would love to have the Brawlers Guild back.

Proper instanced fully customtisable player housing would be amazing that lives on through every expansion.


These “group” events tend to be busy only on Wednesday and Saturday (even if only in LFG). For the first week or two they are quite busy but then they go into two days a week.

They aren’t great for late comers.


Wait wait nono by definition everything into the game IS CONTENT so what you consider content isnt RELEVANT. Is the content good? No those public events are just a faceroll and a transmog isnt a reward tbh altho its a reward.

Also if u guys payed any attention, they are bringing back the brawlers guild but just not in 10.2, they want it something like mage tower vibes.

I just want open world content with progression and tiers of difficulty.

Like when you level in vanilla. Exactly like that, actually.

But it just feels like it’s never going to happen. 10.2 has no legs for the same reason, unlike 10.0 which actually did get it somewhat right. Not perfectly, but better.


I agree, some sort of permanent but with seasonal themes and upgrades feature should to be made.

You have to construct some proposal or example, as solo world is an oxymoron on a square.

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So recycle other content. Brawlers guild has been recycled many times. Besides, it’s not world content.

WQs and such I consider to be mainly solo content. In DF they’re just not worthwhile though.

Because that’s why I added that ‘worthwhile’ to it. DF has solo content, it just loses reasons to run that content way too fast (imo).


This expansion misses it’s Torghast / Visions / Mage tower type content.

Atleast bring back Brawlers guild!

All world events this expansion have been mega lame!


The original launch patch events were okay for a while because it was all new and shiny. I don’t really do them anymore unless there’s a weekly for it.

I’ve liked Time Rifts. At least those were fun for a while. I’m completely done with them though; so there’s no reason to do them again.

I don’t like the storms, the elemental future thingy or the fyrakk assaults.
Lastly, I feel like the dream surges could have been so much more. I don’t dislike them, but they’re not something I’m logging in for (something I did do for time rifts).

You could also view the Secrets of Azeroth as an event. Loved that. I was very engaged with WoW for those 2 weeks. It’s back to being rather boring now that it’s done.