Can you skip the 9.1 campaign on alts in 9.1.5?

I’d hope that you’ll be able to skip this one too once you’re done on main? Any confirmations?

I think technically you can just not do it since catch-up mechanism grants renown levels via callings and weekly quests and dungeons and such… but if you want to continue in 9.1.5 or 9.2 or whenever the next steps hit, you will have to finish it first.

  • Completing the Shadowlands or Korthia Covenant Campaign on any character allows alternate characters joining that same Covenant to be eligible to receive the Renown associated with that Campaign from all available catch-up sources.
  • Players who reach 80 Renown can purchase a Broker Mark of Distinction for 500 gold in Oribos that can be used on an alternate character to instantly grant the character up to Renown 40. Cannot be used above 40 Renown.

You can find all the info on what is coming/being tested here:-


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